Fudge recipe to make at home

Fudge recipe is so easy to make at home and delicious to taste. It is a special type of candy having creamy and smooth consistency. The most traditional type of fudge recipe involves the use of just three ingredients. These are milk, sugar, and butter. However, nowadays fudge in different varieties and taste is available. The most favorite type of fudge recipe is the chocolate fudge recipe.

fudge recipe

Chocolate fudge recipe is very simple and easy to make. The base of this fudge recipe can be prepared by just three ingredients but according to your flavor, you can add further things to it. You can give this chocolate fudge to kids as their treat or can use it as a weekend dessert for your whole family. There is no doubt almost everyone is a fan of chocolate and if deliciousness of condensed milk or butter further makes it yummy. 

You can make the chocolate fudge plain or add nutrients by using dried fruits, chopped nuts, shredded coconut, etc. These can also be used as topping for chocolate fudge recipes. It is also good to give as a gift to your loved ones and to carry with you during travel. Its taste remains the same on the seventh day as was on the first day. 

Ingredients for fudge recipe:

To prepare the simple chocolate fudge recipe you need to have the following ingredients.

Chocolate chips: To prepare the fudge you should take three cups of chocolate chips. This can be dark chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate according to your likeness. If you do not like traditional chocolate, replace it with white chocolate.

Sweetened condensed milk: Sweetened condensed milk adds more deliciousness to the chocolate fudge recipe. You need to take a 14 ounces container of condensed milk. Use regular condensed milk. However, if you are fat conscious then you can choose fat-free condensed milk. It is not preferred to use evaporated milk in the fudge recipe.

You can only get the perfect consistency of the chocolate fudge recipe if you take sweetened condensed milk. However, if you want to get hot sauce instead of chocolate fudge, then you can go for evaporated milk. Then it will depend on you how you consume that sauce.

Butter for fudge recipe: truly speaking if you have only the above two ingredients, you can try the fudge recipe. But if you want a proper smooth texture of chocolate fudge then use 3 to 4 teaspoons of butter in it.

Chopped walnuts (optional): if you have walnuts at home then it is recommended to use them in the fudge recipe. As I like walnuts so I usually add chopped walnuts to my chocolate fudge. You can also use cashews or chopped almonds etc.

How to make chocolate fudge | fudge recipe:

There is no need to use any candy thermometer to make chocolate fudge. One thing about the chocolate fudge recipe is that you should keep a bit of patience in order to allow delicious chocolate fudge to take its perfect consistency in the fridge. 

Preparing the baking pan for the fudge recipe:

Take a baking pan of 8 inches in square shape and cover its bottom with parchment paper or foil. Remember to not cut the paper from the edges of the pan.  Overhanging parts of foil or paper will make it easy to remove chocolate fudge from the pan. 

Melting the chocolate fudge recipe mixture:

Mix the butter, sweetened condensed milk, and chocolate chips in a pan. Melt them over medium heat and stir them continually to get a smooth consistency.

chocolate fudge recipe

Enhancing nutritional value: 

If you want to enhance the nutritional value and deliciousness of chocolate fudge you can add chopped almonds, and pistachios. Adding walnuts to the chocolate fudge recipe is another option.

Chilling the chocolate fudge:

Take a baking dish and spread the fudge mixture in it. Make sure to form an even layer of the chocolate fudge. Put the baking tray in the refrigerator for about 3 to 4 hours. 

Garnishing the chocolate fudge:

If you are going to serve the chocolate fudge recipe to guests, then garnishing makes an excellent impression. You can spread the shredded coconut or almonds for garnishing purposes.

Enjoying the  fudge bars:

Now the delicious and kid's favorite chocolate fudge is ready to eat and serve as a dessert to your guests.  Slice the chocolate fudge bars to get a candy-like shape. You can also share the chocolate fudge recipe with your friends to make them a fan of your expertise in desserts.

yummy chocolate fudge bars, fudge recipe

Nutritional value of fudge recipe:

Total calories: 359

Fat: 18g

Carbohydrates: 45g

Protein: 5g

Flavors of chocolate fudge recipe:

You can try different varieties of fudge recipes according to your taste.

Mint chocolate fudge:

If you like mint flavor then add a pure ¼ teaspoon of mint extract in the chocolate fudge mixture. This is done before keeping the melted fudge in the fridge.

Chocolate peanut butter fudge:

Instead of using coconut butter in the chocolate fudge recipe, you can use peanut butter. This will give you a unique flavor. In addition, add crushed peanuts to the fudge mixture and sprinkle over the baking tray to get the best flavor.

Rocky road:

To make the rocky road fudge, add mini marshmallows and chopped almonds to the melted mixture. But you should do this after blending the chocolate fudge mixture.

Mocha fudge recipe:

This fudge recipe variation is special for coffee lovers. When mixing ingredients to make chocolate fudge also add half a teaspoon of instant coffee. For presentation, coffee beams can also be used. But in the end, they will go to waste because no one will eat coffee beans in raw form.

Cookies and cream:

If you like to add some crunchiness to the fudge then use white chocolate chips and one cup of chopped Oreos. It will give the chocolate fudge recipe a different texture and taste. 

Baking tips for fudge recipes:

  • Do not overheat the chocolate mixture to boil it. Just heat it to melt the mixture and give it a soft texture.

  • Continually stir the chocolate mixture, otherwise, the chocolate will stick to the pan and burn. This will spoil the taste of chocolate fudge and give it a smoky burnt flavor.

  • Prefer to use a non-stick pan to melt the chocolate fudge mixture.

What is the shelf life of chocolate fudge?

Your prepared chocolate fudge can go well in airtight container for 3 to 4 weeks. But if you want to keep its taste well for three months, then freezing is the best choice. 

Does there a need to refrigerate fudge for the perfect fudge recipe?

Yes, it is necessary to keep the chocolate fudge in the refrigerator. Use an airtight container to avoid any contamination or adding moisture.

Can we use any alternative to sweetened condensed milk?

No, if you want the exact consistency of chocolate fudge, then must add full-fat condensed milk. However, if you are adding evaporated milk, then the texture of the fudge will be thin and liquid type.

Can we prepare the fudge recipe for the whole family? 

Yes, you have to simply double all ingredients and use a 9 into 13 inches baking pan. In that case, your whole family can enjoy the yummy chocolate fudge.

How to store chocolate fudge?

You can store the fudge at room temperature. But using an airtight container is necessary for storing the chocolate fudge. This will keep the freshness and taste of chocolate fudge preserved. It will also not allow the fudge recipe to dry out during storage.

What type of container is right to store fudge?

No type of container used in the kitchen can be taken but it should have a tight lid. The container may be made of rubber, a glass container having a silicon-lined lid or a plastic container can also be taken.  However, if you are taking Ziploc-style baggies, your chocolate fudge will not remain fresh. If you are taking the best quality silicon bags for this purpose, the best storage is possible.

How to freeze the fudge?

To freeze the chocolate fudge, make small slices and use a freezer bag.

How to defrost the chocolate fudge?

It takes just a few hours to completely defrost the fudge. Keep the frozen fudge on a plate at room temperature. You can keep it in the same container for defrosting. However, you can also eat the frozen fudge to get an amazing cooling with flavor. 

Healthy chocolate fudge recipe:

If you want to eat the fudge daily, then that is not good for your health using regular fudge. However, there is another healthy alternative to regular fudge recipes. You can try the healthy fudge recipe to eat often.

healthy chocolate fudge recipe bars

Ingredients for healthy chocolate fudge:

  • Half cup of cocoa powder
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 4 tablespoons of maple syrup or honey
  • One cup of coconut butter
  • 1 by 4 teaspoon salt
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional)
  • Chia seeds, chocolate chips, or shredded coconut for garnishing.

Method to make healthy chocolate fudge | Healthy chocolate fudge recipe

1.  Take the soft coconut butter and all the other mentioned ingredients. Add them to a blender to get a smooth textured fudge.

melted chocolate fudge recipe

2.  Then take an 8 into 8 inches baking tray to spread the smooth paste into it. Make sure to line the tray with wax paper or foil before pouring the mixture into it.

3.  Keep the tray in the refrigerator to get a solid consistency of healthy chocolate fudge. 

Toppings for chocolate fudge bars:

If you want to decorate chocolate fudge bars to win the likeness for your chocolate fudge recipe, then there are various choices. You can take crushed candy canes, white or red sprinkles, or peppermints.

 However, if you make your chocolate fudge more healthy, it is best to use chia seeds, cacao nibs, or chopped walnuts. Without any topping, the kids will not like to taste the chocolate fudge recipe.

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