Are you or your friends in the habit of taking too much tea and feeling too much headache when don't take tea due to any reason? Have you ever heard the line "milk no more tea" or Milk and more? Then this is the exact condition that I am facing myself? I also want to get rid of this habit as I  heard from elders that tea is not useful but dangerous. But I ignored their advice. But some days ago I investigated about benefits and disadvantages of having tea and too much tea. The fact compelled me to avoid tea and say milk and more

On the other side, I also searched the benefits of Milk and its uses as my previous knowledge about it was too less, just heard from elders. I was astonished to know about the amazing advantages of Milk and so decided to replace Milk instead of tea in my habits. you should also do the same. I am in favor of the slogan "Milk no more tea"  and milk and more. I am sharing some of these facts that will also change your thought and knowledge about tea. so, look at these;

milk and more

Let's have a look at the introduction of tea. Tea is a beverage that is widely consumed all over the world. It is made by steeping the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant in hot water. There are many different types of tea, including black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, and herbal tea.

 Each type of tea has a unique flavor and is known for having different health benefits. For example, green tea is rich in antioxidants and is believed to help in boosting immunity. While black tea is high in caffeine and can help to increase the level of energy in persons.

A simple method to make the best tea:

There are different methods to make varieties of tea, but the general one to make perfect tea with the best flavor is as follows.

Boling of water:

Take a kettle and fill it with water to boil it. To make different types of tea different temperatures for water are essential. Fix the required temperature to make your selected tea.

Choice of tea:

Choose the type of tea you want to make like black tea, green tea, or herbal tea. It should not be too old to lose its flavor.

Measuring the tea:

To take the accurate amount of tea leaves for one cup, using a teaspoon or tea infuser is best.

Steeping the tea:

Take an infuser or tea strainer to put in its tea leaves. If you do not have an infuser then you can put the leaves directly In the cup.  The next step is pouring the boiled hot water on the tea leaves. 

During this make sure that leaves are fully soaked in the water. If you are making black tea then allow the leaves to steep in the water for 3 to 5 minutes. For green tea, steeping Is required for 2 to 3 minutes. But to prepare herbal tea this process is required for 5 to 7 minutes.

Removing the tea leaves:

After the process of steeping, take off the tea strainer or infuser. If you are not using any infuser then pouring the tea in another cup is the next step.

Desired add-ones:

You can also add milk, honey, sugar, or lemon to the tea according to your taste.

Enjoy the tea:

Enjoy the aroma and taste of your freshly prepared cup of tea but you can not avoid milk and more.

milk and more in a cup

Benefits of Taking Tea:

Although taking too much tea is not good and can be harmful to health. There are many benefits of tea if used in balanced amounts. 

Antioxidants in tea:

From all types of tea, green tea contains antioxidants and thus save the body from the harm of free radical. Otherwise, these free radicals cause the oxidation of important compounds in the body and are not useful.

Mental alertness:

Caffeine is present in tea which is helpful to promote mental alertness. Tea is mostly consumed when people have to pay attention to any significant task and it keeps them active.


Consuming tea is also a source of hydration. Those persons who do not want to use simple water can take tea to fulfill their water needs.

Heart Health: 

Research also says that green tea decreases heart disease risk. In this way, green tea is beneficial to maintain the health of the heart.

Help in digestion:

As tea help to produce digestive enzymes in the body so it improves digestion.


Valerian and chamomile root teas cause soothing and calming effects. In this way, these types of tea reduce tension and stress and provide relaxation.

Prevent bone diseases: 

Green tea also causes improvement in the density of bone and thus prevents the disease of osteoporosis.

Disadvantaged of Tea:

As advantages of tea are discussed but there are some harms of tea. After knowing about the disadvantages of tea you will say milk and more.

The caffeine content in the tea:

As caffeine is present in tea, it can increase heart rate, leads to anxiety, and also causes insomnia.  People who have a sensitivity to caffeine should take decaffeinated types of tea.

Stained teeth:

Those teas that have a dark color and strong lead to discoloration in teeth. Such teeth give a bad impression to everyone.

Affects iron absorption: 

Tannins are present in tea which combine with iron and thus reduce its absorption capacity. This condition is harmful to those persons who are already facing a deficiency of iron ( anemia). That is why we should adopt the habit of taking milk and more.

May cause dehydration: 

Although tea does contain fluids, the caffeine present in it can have a diuretic effect, which leads to dehydration.

Interrupt medication:

If a person is taking medicines to control any disease, then caffeine may interact with some medicines. These include blood thinners, antibiotics, stimulants, etc. due to these harms of tea the slogan milk and more is spreading all over the world.

Residues of pesticides:

Often pesticides are used to grow tea and these pesticides may contaminate the final product. Organic tea should be selected by people to prevent exposure to pesticides.

If someone wants to take tea and also avoid its side effects, he should use the tea in moderation. He should also choose the best quality organic tea in small concentrations. Or the person may opt for “milk no more tea’’.

Milk and more | Why prefer milk Instead of tea?

Milk is a white delicious liquid that is produced by the mammary glands of mammals. It is complete food full of nutrients and a staple food for infants and kids. Milk contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin D, protein, and calcium. Various types of milk are available like goat’s milk, cow milk, and sheep's milk. Due to all these nutrients present in the milk, it is common to say milk and more.

There are also plant-based alternatives like almond milk, soy milk, and oat milk can also be used.  To prepare a variety of food and beverage products like cheese, yogurt, cream, butter, etc. Milk has so a delicious taste that everyone is compelled to repeat milk and more.


Benefits of consuming milk | milk and more:

You will be astonished to know about the benefits of milk. Milk has not only a delicious taste but is also necessary for a balanced diet.

Essential nutrients | milk and more:

Essential nutrients are part of milk like vitamin D, vitamin B12, phosphorus and protein, etc. To make the bones strong and for healthy tissues and muscles and thus to strengthen immunity milk plays a very vital role.

Improving bone health:

Milk is rich in vitamin D and calcium which are necessary to build and maintain strong bones. To prevent the danger of osteoporosis and fragile bones it is necessary to regularly consume milk means milk and more.

Muscle growth and repair | milk and more:

As milk contains high-quality proteins so it is necessary to repair and build muscle tissues. That’s why milk is used as a vital beverage by fitness-conscious persons and athletes.

Help in weight management:

 Although milk is high in protein, but also low in calories. It can be used as an effective beverage for the management of weight. The protein present in milk reduces hunger and provides a sense of fullness.

Healthy immune system:

The vitamins and mineral content of milk make it beneficial for immunity boosting.

Decrease the risk of diseases:

Some research studies have proposed that regular use of milk leads to reducing the risk of some diseases like cardiovascular disease, Type-2 diabetes.  Regular users of milk can also remain safe from the danger of certain types of cancer.

Although milk is beneficial in many aspects and is a staple food in many diets it may cause some digestive problems. These include bloating and gas in those persons who are intolerant to lactose. Such persons can go with plant-based alternatives of milk or lactose-free milk. Such people are so helpless that they cannot say milk and more.

Uses of milk in  products:

Milk is added as an essential ingredient in a variety of food and other products. It is used to enhance beauty either used in diet or added in skin care products. Following are the common uses of milk you must say milk and more.

best dairy products

Drinking purpose:

Milk is used as a famous beverage used alone or acts as a base in other drinks. Common drinks using milk are lattes, milkshakes made from a variety of fruits and smoothies, etc.

In cooking milk and more:

In baking and cooking milk is added to enhance richness, flavor and give a creamy texture to many dishes. These dishes include puddings, custards, soups, and baked items. bakery items also want milk and more.

Dairy products:

In different dairy products milk is the main ingredient like yogurt, cheese, ice cream, butter, etc. The favorite dairy product of children produced from milk is ice cream.

Health | milk and more: 

As milk contains useful components like calcium, proteins, and other nutrients so used in health supplements. Common health supplements include protein powders and energy drinks.

Beauty products:

Due to the nourishing and moisturizing properties of milk, it is used for centuries to enhance beauty.  In many cosmetics and skin care products like bath products, face masks, and lotions, milk is extensively used. Beauty products also want milk and more.

Uses in the industry:

To produce different industrial products like textiles, adhesives, leather, and plastic milk is used.

Hope all this information will be beneficial for the visitors to eat the finest. Do not forget to read daily healthy and delicious recipes published on our website. enjoy dairy products and also do not forget to drink milk daily and repeat milk and more.