Making vanilla protein shake at home

Vanilla protein shake is healthy shake that most people use to build up their muscles. This shake is not only healthy but also has nice taste. It requires simple ingredients to prepare this vanilla protein shake. You can choose it as a smoothie for breakfast or as an energy source after workout. The additional point about homemade protein shake is that you can adjust the ingredients according to your taste.

vanilla protein shake

Once you try this vanilla protein shake at home, you will insist to make it daily. You can also have this amazing shake in the morning to avoid any other oily breakfast. Here are the common ingredients that you need to make this awesome drink.

Vanilla protein shake ingredients:

Protein powder (one scoop):

To get the exact flavor of the shake, you should choose vanilla protein powder. But if it is not available, you can take unflavored protein powder also. I have chosen plant based protein powder.

Banana (one):

You can take fresh banana but if you want to get the perfect creamy texture  then use frozen banana.

Milk (one cup):

Mil acts as a base of this vanilla protein shake. You can also vegan milk like almonds milk instead of natural milk. 

Vanilla extract (one teaspoon):

Vanilla extract is important ingredient in this protein shake. This add the awesome flavor of vanilla to your protein shake. You can also use vanilla beans instead of vanilla extract for this purpose. 

Dates (4 to 5):

These  add sweetness and awesome taste to your protein shake. You can also add honey instead of dates.

Cinnamon (one pinch):

Cinnamon is a spice that give some unique taste to this  shake. But if you are not in favor of adding cinnamon you can skip this ingredient. 

Chia seeds (one teaspoon):

If you want to ad extra fibers, healthy fats and proteins to your shake, the add chia seeds.

Ice cubes:

Ice cubes are added to the delicious shake to chill it and make it more refreshing.  You will enjoy having chilled protein shake in hot summer.

How to remove seeds from vanilla bean:

To get the awesome flavor o vanilla in the vanilla protein shake, you can use vanilla seeds instead of vanilla extract. Take the vanilla bean and  slice it on the lengthwise. Then holding the one side of opened bean, remove the seeds from the bean by using spoon or dull side of knife.

Method to make delicious vanilla protein shake:

  1. Take a blender and add, milk, protein powder, vanilla extract, cinnamon, chia seeds and dates to it. 
  2. Blend all the ingredients to get a smooth textured shake. Now enjoy the amazing vanilla protein shake.
  3. Take a fancy glass and add ice cubes in it. Then pour the vanilla protein shake to the glass and enjoy it. You can also add garnishing like chopped almonds or pistachios to the shake.

Why to love vanilla protein shake:


This protein shake has high fiber content and also rich in protein. I keep you full for many hours.

Amazing taste:

This vanilla protein shake is delicious that no one will say it no. You can take it at breakfast and even as a late night dessert.

Easy to make:

You just need a blender and two minutes to make this yummy shake.

Variations of vanilla protein shake:

You can add different ingredients or replace some ingredients in the recipe to get some variations.

Using non-dairy milk:

Instead of using dairy milk you can choose non-dairy milk varieties. You can prepare the vegan milk at home. Coconut milk or almond milk can be best choice for this purpose.


You can replace the dates with some other sweetening agent. It can be honey, agave nectar or maple syrup etc. If any one of these is not available then add more banana as a sweetener.

Adding collagen:

If you want to make the vanilla protein shake more rich in protein, add some collagen in it. Collagen is good for skin condition, nails, hair and joints. I suggest to use, natural, unsweetened and unflavored collagen. Collagen is also good for gut health and improves the condition of ligaments.


What is the best time to have protein shake?

Many people take protein shake after workout as it is considered to help buildup of muscles. Research says that timing of intake of protein shake is more important than its amount. Take the protein shake at a fix time that is suitable to you. 

Is vanilla protein shake good for weight loss?

If you have prepared the vanilla protein shake with healthy and clean ingredients, it is good for weight loss. As protein shake is rich is proteins that increases your metabolism rate and lessens your appetite. So, if you want weight loss then drink vanilla protein shake and enjoy.

Can we store the vanilla protein shake?

Yes, you can store this protein shake in a sealed container in the freezer. But it is suggested to use the vanilla protein shake within one day to get maximum benefits. If you find that taste of stored protein shake has been changed, do not drink it.

Is vanilla protein shake good for kids?

There is no need of extra protein for kids as they get enough protein from their meal. Giving vanilla protein shake or any other protein shake to kids may be harmful than beneficial. So, avoid giving protein shake to kids and children less than 6 to 7 years.

At what age children can be given vanilla protein shake?

Teenagers are on the phase of maximum growth and they need more protein for this purpose. You can give them vanilla protein shake for their optimum growth. Extra protein is stored in the form of fat in the body. At that age children should be involved in some physical activities to burn extra fat if they are taking protein shake.

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