Peach cardamom lassi is a healthy and refreshing summer drink. It seems like a soothing drink in warm summer with a special taste. For those who want to enjoy lassi with some flavor, this peach cardamom lassi recipe is a gift for them.

Lassi is a very famous summer drink in village areas of Pakistan and India. The taste of plain lassi may vary depending on the type of yogurt. If the yogurt you have taken is sour then peach lassi will also have a sour taste.

peach cardamom lassi

 It is preferred to take store-bought yogurt as it is more creamy and less sour. However, you can also make the delicious creamy yogurts at home. This special peach cardamom lassi has not only an amazing taste but is also good for your health. Let's go ahead with the ingredients of the peach cardamom lassi recipe.

Ingredients for Peach cardamom lassi:

One large peach (small pieces)

One by fourth cup of milk

Three by fourth cup plain yogurt

One tablespoon of honey or sugar

One by fourth teaspoon of cardamom powder

Pinch of salt

Ice cubes

Making the peach cardamom lassi:

  1. Take a blender and put the pieces of peach in it. Then add yogurt, milk honey, and salt in the blender.
  2. Blend the ingredients until the peach is crushed. You will get delicious peach lassi.
  3. Take glasses and add ice cubes to each glass. Then pour the yummy peach lassi into glasses and sprinkle cardamom powder over it to make perfect peach cardamom lassi.

Serving the peach cardamom lassi:

It matters a lot how you serve any dish or drink. You can use chopped almonds or pistachios to sprinkle over peach lassi glasses. This will increase the nutritional content of the peach lassi recipe.

Now enjoy the refreshing and yummy peach cardamom lassi. You can also serve this peach cardamom lassi to your guests if they want some energetic and refreshing yummy drink.

Variations of peach lassi recipe:

  • If you want a vegan version of peach lassi then use vegan yogurt and milk in this lassi recipe.
  • If you do not like cardamom flavor then use cinnamon in its place. You can also replace the cardamom with vanilla essence.
  • If you want to have chilled peach lassi then refrigerate it for some time.
  • You can add sugar, maple syrup, or any other sweetener instead of honey according to your mood.
  • You can also add some other fruit along with peach to add more complexity to the taste. You can replace the peach with mango to make mango lassi.
  • Other herbs like mint or basil leaves can be added to the peach lassi recipe to make it more refreshing.
  • To make the lassi more creamy you can add whipping cream in the lassi. But I recommend avoiding it as it will make the lassi more fatty.


What are the health benefits of mango lassi?

A lassi is full of nutritional content that is beneficial for your health. It contains calcium and healthy proteins that are part of the fruit in the lassi. Lassi is good for gut health and also helps in the digestion. The awesome taste of peach lassi also suits your flavor if you like peach.

What time is best to have lassi?

You can have this yummy peach lassi at any time when you want. But It is commonly suggested to have lassi after the meal. As lassi helps in digestion and normalizes the stomach after spicy food.

For how many days peach lassi can be stored?

You can keep the peach lassi for only one day in the fridge. But I suggest using it fresh for amazing taste. When the taste of lassi changes after storage then do not use it.

Can diet-concerned persons have peach cardamom lassi?

Although peach is an amazing fruit with health benefits. But a person who is very concerned about fat in his diet should avoid full-fat lassi. There is a high content of fat in plain yogurt and so in the lassi. But if you take low-fat lassi then it is ok.

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