There are different types of pastries ranging in size, shape, and taste. The ingredients used to make these different types of pastries are mostly common with some variations. These include all-purpose flour, milk, butter, sugar, eggs, baking powder, and some flavors. However, to give variety to your pastries you can use various types of fillings according to your taste.

types of pastries

The various types of pastries in the world are the creation of creative and taste-loving bakers. Pastries are not only enjoyed with tea but these are added in desserts to add taste and presentation of these pastries. You can also try cake baking at home.

Why different types of pastries are liked so much:

  • The reasons for the popularity of pastries among people are the following.
  • Pastries are available in a wide range of textures and flavors. So, anyone can choose the pastry according to his flavor and mood.
  • These are easy to carry and take with you when you go for an outing. They are easy to handle while eating.
  • Some types of pastries have cultural importance as these are made on special occasions, festivals religious holidays, etc.
  • Making pastries at home can be fun for family members. No matter what pastry type you are going to make at home, but I will be full of fun.

Common types of pastries:

These are the most common and popular types of pastries that are loved by everyone and are delicious in taste. However, in America, Pastries are taken as other meanings.


Croissants are types of puff pastries that have originated from France. These have unique crescent shapes that’s why named so. These are prepared when yeast-added dough is layered with butter. The croissants are further combined with chocolate or cheese to enhance their taste. These are important parts of breakfast in Western countries.


A pie is made by mixing the pastry dough with meat, vegetables, or fruit. This crust is then baked to get a perfect and yummy pie. Apple pie is most popular in North America while other types are cherry pie, blueberry, and peach flavors.


These are delicious buffet products that are eaten at breakfast. These are of Denmark origin and available in different flavors. Cheese apple, chocolate, and cherry flavors are more liked by people. Danishes are the best option for those who want a bakery item that is crispy and fluffy on the outer side while buttery on the inner side. 


These are sweet meringue-based confectionary items that have French origin. These are made by mixing Egg whites, almonds, and sugar which are layered on both sides with buttercream.

These are bite-sized and round in shape. You can add a variety of flavors to macarons like rose, pistachios, and caramel flavor.


These pastries are oblong in shape and hollow from the inside. Choux dough is used in their preparation. Eclairs are filled with chocolate or custard. You can add topping on the eclairs by using fondant icing. This is considered unique among all other types of pastries.


Pretzels are prepared with baked dough. Pretzels are available in soft and hard forms. These have unique knotted shapes and are popular in Europe. Their flavors also vary from sweet to savory.

You can choose the toppings for pretzels according to your mood.


This type of pastry is of Italian origin and has a tube-like shape. Sweet fillings or cream is used to fill the fried pastry dough. Their size varies in size like a finger and can be large in size equal to a fist.


Tarts have an open top and these are prepared by filling a pastry dough. Sweet ingredients like fruit or custard are used to fill the short-crust pastry tarts.


In the United States, these are given the name of cream puffs and have French origin. These are prepared by choux pastry dough which is filled with pastry cream, whipped cream, ice cream, or custard.  Kids love profiteroles very much among other types of pastries.

Common types of pastry dough:

To make pastries, there are five common types of dough that are used. These are shortcrust, flaky dough, puff dough, filo, and choux. The basic ingredients in all types of dough are all-purpose flour, fat, and water but the ratios of ingredients vary in each type of dough. 

Flaky dough:

It is simple to make the flaky dough. This dough is used to make savory and sweet bakery products like pie crust. In this dough, large pieces of butter are added. You can use a pastry blender or food processor. 


This type of dough is stout and is used to make thick pastries like cookies and tarts. In this type great amount of fat is required to bind the flour particles together.  To make this dough, small chunks of butter are mixed with flour. Then small amount of cold water is added to make a ball of dough.

The water should be added slowly as it prevents the dough from becoming over-dense. This type of dough gives you crumbly pastries and crunchy cookies. 


The dough of puff pastries looks similar to flaky pastries but it takes more time to prepare. To make it perfect dough is rolled over cold rectangular shape butter. In a block of dough, fat is layered in different sections. When the dough is baked, the fat melts giving a puff texture to pastry. It is good to make meat pies or pie crust bakery products.

Keep in mind that to make this out of all types of pastries, keep the dough cold and do not use hot butter. 


This type of pastry dough is prepared by adding eggs which make this dough more soft and light.  This dough is used to make French pastries like cream puffs and eclairs etc. To make the dough milk, water, sugar, butter, salt, and eggs are mixed by using a stirrer. Then dough is baked to remove the moisture from the dough. After this, you can shape the pastries and further bake them to get a golden brown color.

This dough is used to make cream-filled pastries. The outer shell of this pastry is crispy and its interior is hollow. Among other types of pastries, choux is very commonly used by bakers.

Filo Pastry:

Filo dough also named Phyllo dough is a thin type of dough. To prepare this dough, flour, fat, water, salt, and vinegar are mixed to form thin sheets of filo dough. The sheets can be stacked to form different shapes of pastries like spanakopita. while stacking the sheets put a layer of butter between each sheet.

Filo dough is very delicate, so after making its sheets, it is frozen. Before using the frozen dough thaw it properly. If you use the unthawed dough, it will crack and split into parts.


You have to choose the right type of dough to make different types of pastries at home. 

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