Sugar free reasmalai recipe is an awesome gift for diabetes patients and those concerned about weight loss. Now diabetic people can also enjoy the desserts and remain happy. If you use other alternatives of sugar like honey or dates to add sweetness to the desserts, these can increase the blood sugar level. So, for that reason, we have shared this sugar-free ras malai recipe which is sweet but the sweetener used, has zero calories.

sugar free rasmalai recipe

One interesting thing about sugar free desserts is that in my childhood I always consider sugar free things without any sweet taste. So, I used to hate even the name of sugar,but the reality is that these dishes are sweet in taste. When I came to know this fact, I was surprised that this is also a blessing. Because I love desserts and dessert without sweetness would be nothing.

If you are trying to use a sweetener that contains 99% carbs, it means that it is not safe for diabetics. 

Zero-calorie sweeteners for sugar free rasmalai recipe:

Ketofy-keto sweetener

Monk fruit sweetener


These two are good as they contain zero calories. You can also try Ecosweet. You can purchase these sweeteners from Amazon easily. Just try all these one by one and give your suggestions in the comments that which one is your favorite.

Sugar free rasmalai recipe ingredients:

For rasmalai balls:

One litre Milk

Curd (50ml)

Eco sweet (20g)

Water (250ml)

Corn flour (one tablespoon)

For rasmalai milk:

A pinch of saffron

Hot milk (150ml)

One by four tablespoons of cardamom powder

One and a half tablespoons mawa

For garnishing:

Chopped almonds

Chopped pistachios

Making sugar free rasmalai at home:

For this special sugar free rasmalai recipe we have to prepare the rasmalai milk and rasmalai balls separately. So let's discuss the method to prepare these separately.

Making rasmalai balls:

  1. Take a large pan and pour the milk into it. Then turn on the flame to boil it. Boil it on medium flame. As the milk starts boiling, add curd in it and stir it gently.
  2. You will get curdle milk and the paneer will be separated from the whey. Take a cloth-lined sieve and separate the paneer from the clear whey.
  3. To remove maximum whey from the paneer squeeze the cloth perfectly.
  4. Take a large plate and put the drained paneer in it. Use your hands to crumble the paneer.
  5. Make the paneer smooth with your palms by crushing it. After that properly knead the paneer to get a soft dough.
  6. Then mix the corn flour in the dough and again knead it properly.
  7. Make 15 to 17 portions of the dough and make a small ball from each portion of the dough. Use your palms to make round rasmalai balls.
  8. The balls should be soft and no cracks should be there.
  9. Mix the sweetener and water in a pan and boil the mixture. After boiling remove the pan from the stove. Then keep this syrup aside.
  10. Take a separate saucepan, taking 40 to 500 ml of water in it. Also, add cardamom powder to it.
  11. After the water has boiled add the paneer balls to this. Keep the flame medium and cook the paneer balls for five minutes. During this cover the pan with a lid.
  12. When the paneer balls increase in size then remove them to drain the water from these balls. Put the balls in the pan carrying sweetened water.
  13. Allow the paneer balls to absorb the sweetened syrup until they get cooled.

Preparing milk for sugar free rasmalai:

  1. Add the mawa, cardamom powder, sweetener, and saffron in a pan, Mix them thoroughly. 
  2. Then pour the hot milk over the mixture. Mix all the ingredients well to get thick and delicious milk for sugar free rasmalai recipe.
  3. Then add the soaked paneer balls to the milk one by one. Make sure that paneer balls are drained before adding to the yummy milk mixture.
  4. Then spread the chopped pistachios and almonds over the sugar free rasmali.
  5. Now the delicious sugar free rasmalai dish is ready to serve diabetics without any fear. 
  6. This rasmalai recipe takes a little bit of time but those with diabetes can have it without a rise in their blood glucose level.

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