Restaurant style sparkling peach lemonade recipe at home:

Sparkling peach lemonade has a unique taste and color among all other lemonades. I like this lemonade especially in hot summer due to its refreshing effects. You can make this peach lemonade at home in a very short time. You may think that it takes a lot of time to prepare the perfect restaurant like lemonade. But Now you will become an expert in peach lemonade after reading this post.

sparkling peach lemonade

Only natural and easily available ingredients are required to make this sparkling peach lemonade.

Sparkling peach lemonade ingredients:

Fresh peaches (6 to 7):

If you want fresh lemonade then choose the ripe, fresh, and juicy peaches. If you want an excellent color of peach lemonade then do not peel them.

Lemon juice (1/3 cup):

Lemon juice is an important ingredient in this delicious lemonade. It is best to squeeze fresh lemons. But if fresh lemons are not available then go with store-bought lemons.

Honey (half-cup):

If you want to make pure natural peach lemonade then use honey. Honey also adds a nice taste to this yummy summer drink. However, you can also use sugar or maple syrup as an alternative. 

Sparkling water (5 cups):

For sparkling peach lemonade, plain sparkling water is a good choice. But if you like the lemon flavor of sparkling water then take it. If you do not want a sparkling touch to your lemonade then you can skip this ingredient.

Method to prepare sparkling peach lemonade:

  1. Take the chopped peaches in a saucepan. Then add two cups of water and half a cup of sugar in the pan and turn the flame on.  Boil the pan ingredients over medium heat and stir periodically. Then after three minutes reduce the heat and allow the peach pieces to simmer for five to ten minutes.
  2. You will get mushy peach pieces then remove the pan from heat. Allow these to cool at room temperature. Then add the peach chops in the blender to get a soft purree. Strain the puree to remove any large particles.
  3. Take the lemons and extract their juice using your hands or a lemon compressor. To get the perfect sparkling peach lemonade take fresh lemons.
  4. In a large jug add the lemon juice, then combine the peach syrup that you have prepared and three cups of cold soda water. Stir the ingredients to get refreshing sparkling peach lemonade.

Serving the sparkling peach lemonade:

If you are going to serve the peach lemonade to guests then its representation also matters. Take nice and fancy glasses and add ice cubes to these. Then add one round chop of yellow lemon in each glass and finally pour the sparkling peach lemonade. You can also hang the lemon slices on the edge of the glass. If you want peach slices can be used for the same purpose.

Variations of the sparkling peach lemonade:

Green tea:

If you want weight loss or like the flavor of green tea along with peach flavor then you can do the following. Instead of adding soda water or plain water, mix green tea with peach syrup and lemon juice. First, allow the green tea to cool, and then use it for the summer season.

Sugar-free lemonade:

You can add any other sweetener instead of sugar in the peach lemonade. Honey works the best for this. Any other sweetening agent can also be employed.


Peach mango lemonade is also the favorite lemonade of most people. You can add half chops of peach and half chops of mango or change the ratio accordingly. Just try this amazing lemonade.


If you are a fan of flavor combinations then try adding some berries to the peach sparkling peach lemonade. Raspberry peach lemonade and strawberry peach lemonade are amazing options.


If you like the taste of herbs then add basil leaves or mint leaves in the blender. These herbs will add more freshness to the sparkling peach lemonade.

Some tips for peach lemonade:

  • To get the best reddish color of the sparkling peach lemonade choose the skin peaches.
  • Use a high-speed blender to get the perfect peach slushie.
  • To get the healthy version of peach lemonade do not add soda water. Instead, use plain water or coconut water in the peach lemonade.
  • If you want a more tart taste then add some extra lemon juice to the sparkling peach lemonade.

Can frozen peaches be used in the peach lemonade?

Yes, if fresh peaches are not available at home then you can use frozen peaches also. But after taking out the peaches from the freezer first thaw them.

How to store peach lemonade?

Use an airtight container to store leftover sparkling peach lemonade. Before using the stored summer drink first stir it gently and then taste it. If is taste is good and has not changed then use it.

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