Mango lassi is the favorite drink of most people in India and Pakistan. This is an important menu item at restaurants in these countries. The reason is that these regions are the hub of lassi and fresh delicious mangoes in the world. In these countries, April to June is the season of sweet, juicy, and ripe mangoes. You can prepare this amazing lassi at home easily. 

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The mango lassi recipe is similar to a mango milkshake recipe or mango smoothie. The difference is that in mango lassi you have to add yogurt instead of milk.

But to make the restaurant-style mango lassi you have to get through this mango lassi recipe. In addition to ripe mango, yogurt, and sugar, some other ingredients are also added that make this lassi a special summer drink.

Which Mangoes are best for mango lassi?

To make a tasteful mango lassi, choosing the best mangoes is necessary. You should take ripe, fresh, and sweet mangoes for the perfect lassi. As you have to add the yogurt in this recipe, to balance its tartness sweet mangoes are required.

But if fresh mangoes are not available at the time then you can take frozen mangoes. If the frozen mango pulp is available you can go with it for this lassi recipe.

If you want to taste the best-flavored lassi, then make sure to buy the tasty mangoes imported from Pakistan India, and neighboring countries.

There are various varieties of mango available in the markets but choose non-fibrous mangoes for the best texture of mango lassi.

Yogurt (Dahi) for mango lassi:

Yogurt is the basic ingredient in the lassi and so in this special lassi recipe. Greek yogurt is somewhat different from Indian and Pakistani yogurt. Greek yogurt has a thicker consistency than Pakistani and Indian yogurt. Greek yogurt has less sour taste while Pakistani and Indian homemade yogurt is more sour.

If you are using homemade yogurt then take fresh that has less sour taste. If you are adding Greek yogurt then add a little milk in it to make it less thick.

If you are taking yogurt from the market then choose the plain one. Flavored yogurt may alter the taste of your special lassi.

Ingredients for mango lassi recipe:

One cup of ripe and fresh chops of mango (can be frozen)

One cup of yogurt (plain)

Four teaspoons of sugar or honey

Half a cup of milk

Cardamom powder (one pinch)

Ice cubes

Easy mango lassi recipe at home:

  1. Take a blender and add the mango chops, milk, yogurt, and cardamom into it. Blend the ingredients for two minutes.
  2. Then take the glasses and add ice cubes to them. Pour the delicious lassi into each glass and enjoy the thirst-quenching mango lassi at home.

Variations of mango lassi recipe:

  • Although cardamom is enough to add flavor to the lassi you can also try other spices. These are cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron turmeric, etc. You can choose any spice depending on your taste.
  • You can also adjust the amount of sugar or honey in the mango lassi recipe if the mangoes are not too sweet.
  • If you do not want more intake of sugar, replace it with any zero-carb sweetener.
  • Mint can be added to the lassi to make it more refreshing and suitable as a summer drink.
  • To make the lassi more energetic you can add almonds and pistachios in the blender which will enhance the flavor also.
  • You can also add cream in the lassi if want more thick and creamy consistency. Similarly, water can be added to make this special lassi less thick.


Can we store mango lassi?

Yes, you can refrigerate the lassi for twenty-four hours but not too long. The bacteria in the lassi grow fast and give it a more sour taste with time. Do not consume the stored lassi if it is too sour.

Can we use any type of mango in the mango lassi recipe?

Yes, you can take any type of mango in this recipe. But make sure they are ripe and are not fibrous enough. Fibers may spoil the texture of soft mango lassi.

Do I use homemade yogurt in the mango lassi?

Yes, homemade yogurt can be added to this lassi recipe. But the taste of this summer drink will be somewhat different as made from canned yogurt.

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