Is rasmalai healthy? What are the health benefits of rasmalai? These are common questions raised by all dessert lovers. In my previous post, I shared the rasmalai with powder milk recipe. Many people love the rasmalai due to its deliciousness and soft rasmalai balls as dessert. Its name originated from two words, “Ras” means juice, and “malai” denotes cream. Due to the creamy, soft, and juicy nature of this dessert, it is named so. But the question is whether consuming rasmalai daily is safe or not? 

health benefits of rasmalai

Due to the amazing taste of ras malai, most people want to cook and have it daily? So in this post, I will discuss the health benefits of rasmalai and its possible harms when used in excessive amounts.

As ras malai is commonly milk-based, who can say it is an unhealthy food. Of course, when you eat it with other balanced diets, it has many benefits. Due to the presence of milk in this sweet dessert, it has a lot of proteins, minerals vitamins, and fat content. Let's discuss the benefits of ingredients added to make delicious ras malai.

Ingredients that add to benefits of rasmalai:

Milk benefits:

In one cup of milk, the content of calcium is in large amounts. The total calcium needed for a person daily, 70% is present in just one cup of milk. In this way, milk plays a vital role in promoting bone growth. Calcium also causes a person to avoid gum diseases. As the contents of carbohydrates are low in milk, it does not lead to a rise in blood sugar levels. However, those who are suffering from diabetes must use low-fat milk. 

In a cup of milk, the protein content is 8.6 grams which is high. So milk plays an important role in the health benefits of rasmalai.

Lemon juice:

Vitamin C is present in large amounts in lemons. Vitamin C helps to promote the formation of white blood cells and other antibodies. In this way, lemons play a vital role in promoting the immunity of a person. So, in this way lemon also contributes to health benefits of rasmalai.

Another benefit of lemon juice is that the Ascorbic acid in lemon increases the Iron absorption from food. That's why it is recommended that a person having anemia should eat iron-rich food after squeezing lemon on it.


Almonds are also added to the rasmalai milk.  These contain vitamin B complexes like vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Folate, and Niacin. These are beneficial in the development of the brain. Almonds are also suggested for diabetic patients as these have low glycemic index. These also keep your cholesterol level normal. See the benefits of eating almonds.

Problematic ingredient (sugar):

As I earlier mentioned if rasmalai is consumed excessively, it may cause problems. The reason behind this is its ingredient sugar which is known as white poison. It is full of carbohydrates but has no nutritional value. It quickly increases the blood sugar level and stops the process of fat burning in the body. If you want to get all the health benefits of ras malai then use it with other balanced 

So, if a person consumes sugar unchecked and consumes other refined food items for a long time, no doubt that he will suffer from diabetes and other diseases. The other health problems can be obesity, high blood pressure, strokes, and finely heart attack.So, sugar may reduce the health benefits of rasmalai.


Can diabetic patients eat rasmalai?

The exact recipe with full-fat milk and sugar is not good for diabetic patients. However, if a person suffering from diabetes wants to have rasmalai, he should go with low-fat milk. The alternatives of sugar like maple syrup or other sweetening agents can be used. But use still such persons should have rasmalai with other balanced diets.

Can heart patients eat rasmalai?

Although the health benefits of ras malai are obvious, but fat content present in ras malai milk is harmful. If any heart patient wants to eat rasmalai, then make sure that milk is low in fat. Do not consume the dessert too much.

Is it healthy to eat rasmalai daily?

The content of saturated fat and sugar is high in rasmalai. So if a person eats the rasmalai daily, there are greater chances that he can suffer from obesity and diabetes.. So is not recommended to have this dessert daily.

Is protein high in rasmalai?

Rasmalai is prepared from the paneer which is made of protein.  In addition, in garnishing of rasmalai, almonds, pistachios, and other nuts are used which are high in protein. So this helps to promote muscle development and is good for health.

So we can say that there are a lot of health benefits of rasmalai. But still, avoid its excessive consumption in daily diet.

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