Amazing chocolate protein shake recipe

Chocolate protein shake is so delicious and healthy that you will demand it again and again. But now there is no need to ask anyone to prepare a chocolate protein shake for you. Even a child can prepare this super easy chocolate protein shake. It is so appealing due to its thick and creamy texture and chocolate flavor.

chocolate protein shake

You may have tried the recipes of different smoothies like strawberry smoothies, banana berry shakes, or vanilla protein shakes. All are unique in their taste. But I think the most demanding is chocolate protein shake because people love chocolate more than any other flavor.

The ingredients required for this tasty protein shake are easily available. Surely, these will be present in your kitchen.

Ingredients for chocolate protein shake:

Protein powder (one and a half tablespoons) :

You can take plain protein powder or can go with chocolate protein powder. Choose the one that is easily available.

Banana (half cup):

To increase the nutritional value and for a thick and creamy texture, you have to put the banana in the shake. Use ripe and frozen bananas in this chocolate shake. 

Milk (one cup):

You can add dairy milk or any other vegan milk. I recommend adding unsweetened almond milk. Plain milk or flavored milk can be added. 

Butter (one tablespoon):

Peanut butter or almond butter can go best in this chocolate protein shake recipe. It is a source of healthy fats and adds a creamy texture to the shake. You can skip this ingredient if do not want to make the shake fatty.

Cocoa powder (one tablespoon):

Cocoa powder adds the chocolate flavor to the protein shake. This is an important ingredient to make a perfect chocolate protein shake. Take the best quality cocoa powder to get the rich chocolate flavor.

Ice cubes:

These are added to chill the super delicious protein shake.

For garnishing:

Banana slices 

Crushed almonds (optional)

Crushed pistachios (optional)

Chocolate chips

Instructions to make chocolate protein shake:

First, take the bananas and peel them. Make their slices and freeze them in the freezer after placing them in the freezing bags. You can do this before starting to prepare the protein shake.

Add the milk, protein powder, banana, cocoa powder, and butter in a high-power blender. Blend the ingredients to get a smooth and delicious shake at home.

How to serve chocolate protein shake:

Take the glasses and add ice cubes to them. Pour the thick and creamy chocolate protein shake into the glasses. Then add the banana slices, chopped almonds, chopped pistachios, and chocolate chips over the chocolate shake. You can add any single ingredient for garnishing or can combine all.

Possible variations of the chocolate protein shake:

  • You can add sweeteners like honey or dates in this recipe to make it more sweet.
  • If you are fat conscious then you can skip the butter. Without butter, the taste of the recipe will also be good.
  • If you do not want to add banana it is fine. Skip this ingredient too but the creaminess of the shake will decrease.
  • In addition to bananas other fruits like mango slices can also be added to the chocolate protein shake.
  • If you do not want to make a protein-rich shake, then you can skip protein powder.  Add the remaining ingredients to make a yummy chocolate shake.

Tips for chocolate protein shake recipe:

Use a high-power blender to blend all the ingredients and make a smooth protein shake.

Always use frozen fruit in the shake to get a creamy and delicious shake.

Use good quality protein powder to get the best flavor. This will give awesome flavors to the shake and also make it healthy.


Is chocolate protein shake good for health?

This chocolate protein shake is rich in protein. It helps in muscle build-up. Bananas and milk also make it a healthy option. Although cocoa powder adds an amazing chocolate taste to this shake it is not too good for your health.

You should use this protein shake along with another balanced diet. If you want to have it daily then either skip or lessen the amount of cocoa powder.

Can we double the recipe for this delicious protein shake?

Yes, you can double or even triple the recipe of this delicious chocolate shake. Just double the ingredients of the chocolate shake recipe to prepare it for a large number of people.

Is this protein shake suitable for weight loss?

Yes, any recipe which is rich in proteins is good for weight loss. The one condition is that it should not be rich in sugar. More the protein in a meal, the higher the rate of metabolism will be and so your appetite will be lessened. This protein shake will be a suitable addition to your diet to help in your weight loss.

Is it ok for kids to drink chocolate protein shakes?

Protein shakes are too rich in protein which is not suitable for kids. It can have bad impacts on their kidneys and liver. It is suggested to give whole food to kids which contain proteins in balanced amounts. 

At what age children can be given chocolate protein shake?

It is suggested that do not give protein shake to children below 5 years. If they are underweight, use whole food as source of proteins. If you still want to give any additional nutrients, consult with a pediatrician for the best protein shake.

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