Brazilian lemonade is also known as Brazilian limeade which is prepared by using fresh limes. Brazilin lemonade is available is available in different versions which vary in their preparation method. All the variations of this lemonade are amazing in taste and texture.

brazilian lemonade

Brazilian lemonade requires very simple ingredients that make it awesome. My favorite ingredient in this drink is condensed milk which gives a creamy nature to is also very easy to prepare this delicious summer drink.

 Ingredients for Brazilian lemonade:

Just four ingredients are required to make this flavorful Brazilian lemonade recipe.

Fresh limes (two):

The unique thing about this summer drink is that it adds limes instead of lemons. But the case is a little different with limes also. The lime is blended here with its peels also not just juice is extracted. So, use fresh lime to get the exact taste of this Brazilian limeade.

Sweetened condensed milk (three tablespoons):

The condensed milk makes this lemonade special out of other lemonades. The awesome creamy texture of this summer drink is due to condensed milk.

Cold water (three cups):

It is used to give liquid consistency and chilled nature to this non-alcoholic drink.

Sugar (half cup):

Sugar is used to add sweetness to the Brazilian limeade.

Ice cubes:

These are added to chill the limeade.

Making Brazilian lemonade quickly:

Take a blender and add condensed milk, sugar, cold water, and fresh limes to it.

Blend all the ingredients to get a smooth mixture.

Your amazing summer drink is ready to serve.

Serving the Brazilian limeade:

Take the fancy glasses and put ice cubes in them. Then pour the limeade into each glass to serve. 

Hang round slices of lime on the edges of each glass.

Variations of the Brazilian lemonade:

The best thing about homemade drinks is that you can increase or lessen the amount of any ingredient. You can also add extra ingredients of your choice.

Replace sweeteners:

You can replace sugar with sweetening agents like honey, agave maple syrup, etc.


Each type of herb has a unique flavor. So according to your flavor, you can add herbs like basil or mint etc.


You can prepare dairy-free Brazilian lemonade. Use coconut milk or almond milk. These also have a delicious taste.


Can we store Brazilian lemonade?

Yes, you can store the leftover Brazilian lemonade in the refrigerator. Keep this in an airtight container and store it easily. Before using stir this non-alcoholic drink gently to mix the separated ingredients.

Can we use lemons instead of limes in Brazilian lemonade?

Yes, you can use lemons if limes are not available. But to get the exact flavor of the recipe, try to take limes.

What is the taste of Brazilian lemonade?

This lemonade is somewhat tangy, sweet, and creamy in flavor. It has a refreshing taste and is unique due to the presence of condensed milk in it.

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