1. Refreshing strawberry lemonade recipe

strawberry lemonade

I am sure you have not tried this strawberry lemonade recipe before. But once you try the taste of strawberry lemonade, you will become a fan of it. Up till now, I have tried different types of lemonade recipes at home but this lemonade has some unique flavor.

Although you may have tried different artificial lemonades which are crystal-like clear. The taste of such summer drinks may be good but these are not healthy. These homemade lemonades like strawberry lemonade, are see more

2.  Apricot lemonade quick recipe at home

apricot lemonade recipe

Apricot lemonade is the best drink in the scorching summer heat. It has not only a nice flavor but amazing color to attract lemonade lovers. The fragrance of this special lemonade is unforgettable. Surely those who taste this will desire to drink this non-alcoholic summer drink again and again. The ingredients used in this recipe are very simple and easily available. It also needs very little effort to prepare see more

3.  Brazilian lemonade recipe in restaurant style

brazilian lemonade

Brazilian lemonade is also known as Brazilian limeade which is prepared by using fresh limes. Brazilin lemonade is available is available in different versions which vary in their preparation method. All the variations of this lemonade are amazing in taste and texture.

Brazilian lemonade requires very simple ingredients that make it awesome. My favorite ingredient in this drink is condensed milk which gives a creamy nature to lemonade.it is also very easy to see more

4. Restaurant style sparkling peach lemonade recipe

sparkling peach lemonade

Sparkling peach lemonade has a unique taste and color among all other lemonades. I like this lemonade especially in hot summer due to its refreshing effects. You can make this peach lemonade at home in a very short time. You may think that it takes a lot of time to prepare the perfect restaurant like lemonade. But Now you will become see more

5.  Refreshing blue lemonade recipe

       blue lemonade recipe, blueberry lemonade

Blue lemonade also named blueberry lemonade is the choice of every child due to its excellent color and amazing taste. It is the perfect refreshing summer drink in a hot summer. Lemon juice and blueberries are the signature ingredients of this blueberry lemonade recipe. You can prepare a no-cook blue lemonade recipe or can prepare the syrup see more

6.  Pineapple mango lemonade to make at home

 pineapple mango lemonade

Pineapple mango lemonade is my best choice as a refreshing drink in hot summer. Anyone who likes the mango and pineapple flavor will surely love this tasty drink. It is very easy to prepare pineapple mango drinks quickly. Even kids can make it for themselves when the mom is busy. This lemonade is not only flavorful but also see more

7.  Make blueberry lemonade at home

   blueberry lemonade recipe

Blueberry lemonade provides you a twist of blueberries in refreshing lemonade. It has not only nice color but amazing taste. If you want a refreshing summer drink with a pleasant look and awesome taste, then why not blueberry lemonade?You can enjoy blueberry lemonade around the year as in most parts of the world you can get see more

8. Refreshing ginger lemonade recipe at home

    ginger lemonade recipe

Ginger lemonade is a perfect thirst quencher in the encroaching hot days of summer. It is very easy to prepare refreshing ginger lemonade at home. It is sweet and tart in flavor. Surely you will like this special summer drink for your picnic. For those who want spiciness in every dish, ginger lemonade is the best choice see more

9.  Refreshing mint lemonade recipe 

    mint lemonade recipe

Mint lemonade needs very little time to prepare. You can make delicious and cool mint lemonade at home easily. You just need a few ingredients for this bright summer drink. Mint and lemons make the best combination in this lemonade. These are the most refreshing ingredients see more

10.  Raspberry lemonade quick recipe

          raspberry lemonade

Raspberry lemonade is part of my childhood sweet memories. It reminds me of the old and awesome days that I had spent with my family with full enjoyment. Still, now I prepare the refreshing raspberry lemonade to face the encroaching heat of summer. It not only takes me back to my childhood memories but gives see more

11.  Making sparkling cherry lemonade

      sparkling cherry lemonade

Sparkling cherry lemonade is a perfect drink to quench your thirst in the hot summer. It will give you energy and a cooling effect after tiresome work. You have to add just three ingredients for this sparkling cherry lemonade. These are cherry syrup see more

12.  Sparkling lemonade at home

    sparkling lemonade

Sparkling lemonade is a fantastic summer drink that is enough to refresh you in the burning summer. You are surely now thinking about the taste of sparkling lemonade that we are going to make. Believe you will love its amazing taste. The other surprising thing is that it just needs three ingredients to make it at see more

13.  Refreshing apple iced tea 

 apple iced tea recipe

Apple iced tea is a perfect and tasty drink for those who love tea. To face the encroaching summer heat, apple iced tea is best. If you are a tea fan like me and also want a refreshing drink then a combination of fruit juice with iced tea is the best option. It is very easy and quick to prepare apple iced tea. This will be a two-in-one summer drink and see more

14.  Refreshing iced white tea recipe

  iced white tea

Iced white tea is not new in the race of tea but if you have not tasted it before then you must. Up till now, you may have tried different types of tea but iced white tea is special of all these. White tea is prepared by using special plant k own as camellia sinensis. Before the buds and leaves of this plant are thoroughly see more

15.  Watermelon granita  recipe at home

        watermelon granita

Watermelon granita is very refreshing for hot summer and the best way to use watermelons. It has a different exciting taste than cold coffee and ice cream. Some people drink it while some consume it as a dessert. It looks like crushed ice having amazing color and flavor. It is very easy to make watermelon granita by using see more

16.  Rhubarb lemonade recipe

  rhubarb lemonade

Rhubarb lemonade is a refreshing and very special summer drink that is prepared by using fresh rhubarb and lemons. This drink has not only nice color but an amazing taste to enchant everyone. This rhubarb lemonade is usually made in summer when there is fresh rhubarb see more

These all are famous summer drinks that you can prepare at home easily.