Sparkling lemonade is a fantastic summer drink that is enough to refresh you in the burning summer. You are surely now thinking about the taste of sparkling lemonade that we are going to make. Believe you will love its amazing taste. The other surprising thing is that it just needs three ingredients to make it at home. You can also enjoy this drink in winter while you are basking in the sun.

sparkling lemonade

Indeed the star ingredient used in sparkling lemonade is fresh lemon. Lemons are available around the year and they have many benefits along with their fabulous taste. You can also use frozen lemon juice but make sure they have the same taste as fresh juice. Let's talk about the ingredients used in sparkling lemonade.

Ingredients for sparkling lemonade:

Lemons: you need ripe juice lemons to get fresh lemon juice. If you are going to make one glass of sparkling lemonade then take two small or one large lemon. However, if you want more tangy flavor then you can use more.

Simple syrup: 

Now you will be wondering what is the simple syrup. It is made with water and sugar. Prepare the syrup and put it in the fridge to chill it. Add sugar according to your taste in the syrup.

Soda water: 

The third ingredient required to add is carbonated water which will give fizzy nature to your sparkling lemonade. You can purchase it from the market or can make it at home in the soda stream.

Sparkling lemonade in a glass or pitcher:

When you have taken your ingredients, the time comes to mix them up. If you are making just one glass of lemonade then use a glass. But if you are preparing it for a crowd then use a pitcher. But keep in mind that prepare the drink only as you need because you can not use the leftover after some time. Its taste will fade away due to sparkling water.

Steps for sparkling lemonade:

1.  First, take a fancy glass or pitcher and add the ingredients. The lemonade is ready and you can chill it by adding clear ice cubes. Enjoy the refreshing icy sparkling lemonade.

2. You can add a slice of lemon to the glass to make the summer drink more appealing.

 Extracting lemon juice for sparkling lemonade:

Then the question is how to get maximum juice from lemons. For this take boiling water and put it aside. Then put the lemons in that water for 3 to 4 minutes. Then lemons are ready to be squeezed. 

You can squeeze the lemons by hand or use a press citrus juicer. However, a hand-held citrus juicer is also efficient. Now the choice is yours which technique you adopt.

Tips for perfect sparkling lemonade:

  • To make the sparkling lemonade more tasty you can use flavored sparkling water. Peach, strawberry, or cherry flavors are more liked by people. They will make the lemonade more delectable.
  • If you are serving the lemonade to guests then do not forget to garnish the drink with slices of ripe lemon.
  • You can add the flavor of strawberry or peach at home by blending frozen and thawed strawberries. Then mix the blended fruit with the lemonade to give it a rich pretty color and flavor.

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