Ginger lemonade is a perfect thirst quencher in the encroaching hot days of summer. It is very easy to prepare refreshing ginger lemonade at home. It is sweet and tart in flavor. Surely you will like this special summer drink for your picnic. For those who want spiciness in every dish, ginger lemonade is the best choice for them.

ginger lemonade recipe

Although ginger has a fiery and spicy taste, the added sugar or honey compensates for this flavor. Further lemon juice makes an excellent combination with ginger. Believe me, you will love the taste of this drink. You must take just three ingredients for this slightly spicy and sweet lemonade. It will take 25 minutes to prepare this flavorful drink.

Ingredients for the ginger lemonade:

It is preferred to prepare the ginger syrup first and then prepare the ginger lemonade from it.

For ginger syrup:

Two cups water

One cup of sugar/ honey

One cup peeled and chopped ginger:

For ginger lemonade:

One and a half cups of ginger syrup

One and a half cups of lemon juice

Four to five cups of cold water

 Method of preparing ginger lemonade:

1.  Take a saucepan and add one cup of water to it. Boil the water and add the chopped ginger to the pan. Cook the ginger in water for about five to six minutes. Then add sugar or honey to the mixture. Stir the mixture to dissolve the sugar. You will get the simple ginger syrup.

2.  Allow the ginger syrup to cool a room temperature.

3.  Then take the fresh lemons and extract their juice. It is preferred to use a lemon squeezer for this purpose. However, you can take out the lemon juice with your hands also. If you want to extract maximum juice from lemons then keep these in the oven for about twenty seconds before squeezing.

4.  Take a jug and add the ginger syrup to it. Then mix the lemon juice in the syrup. Then time is there to add the cold water to the mixture. Stir all the ingredients well to get the icy ginger lemonade.

Serving the ginger lemonade:

Take the fancy glasses and pour the lemonade in them. Take a lemon and make its round slices. Add one slice of lemon to each glass. Now the lemonade is served to enjoy and you can also serve it to guests.

 How to store the icy ginger lemonade?

You can store the leftover lemonade in the fridge for about four to five days. But if the taste of lemonade changes, then do not use it. If you want to store ginger syrup, then it is a good idea. Ginger syrup can be stored for a longer duration without alteration in the taste. You should store the ginger syrup in a sealed container to store in the freezer.

Variations of the ginger lemonade recipe:

  • Instead of adding sugar to the ginger syrup, you can add honey or natural sweeteners like maple syrup. You will get a different taste of ginger lemonade by changing the sweetener.

  • You can adjust the sweetness of yummy drink according to your choice.

  • To further complex the flavor you can add other herbs to the ginger lemonade. 

  • It is preferred to take Meyer lemons as their juice has a very nice flavor. However, if these are not available then you can take any type of lemons.

  • If you want to add more cooling effect in the ginger lemonade then add ice cubes in the separate glasses. Do not add the ice in the jug as this can fade the lemonade taste.

  • You can add sparkling water to the ginger juice to make sparkling ginger lemonade.

  • You can also prepare ginger lemonade in winter as a hot drink. This will result in ginger lemon tea. For this first prepare the ginger syrup and add water to it. Then pour the tea into the cups. After that add one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice in each cup of ginger tea to get the tangy and spicy flavor.

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