Blueberry lemonade provides you a twist of blueberries in refreshing lemonade. It has not only nice color but amazing taste. If you want a refreshing summer drink with a pleasant look and awesome taste, then why not blueberry lemonade?

blueberry lemonade recipe

You can enjoy blueberry lemonade around the year as in most parts of the world you can get fresh blueberries all the time. But having the refreshing blueberry lemonade in the hot season is of special importance. The cost of making this summer drink is very less. You can afford to have it daily at home if you like. Let's list the ingredients for yummy blueberry lemonade.

Ingredients for blueberry lemonade:

Blueberries (one and a half cups): 

Prefer to take fresh blueberries for the best taste.

Sugar (one cup):

Sugar for the sweetness of blueberry syrup.

Water (four cups):

 For making syrup and also lemonade.

Lemon juice (one by the fourth cup):

Take fresh lemon juice to get an awesome tangy touch in the summer drink.

Ice cubes:

To chill the lemonade.

Making yummy blueberry lemonade:

1.  Take the fresh blueberries in a blender, and add one cup of water and sugar. Blend all the ingredients well for about one minute. You will get pureed blueberries.

2.  Then strain this mixture by using a fine mesh sieve. In this way you will get a soft lemonade and all small pieces of blueberry will be removed.

3.  Take out the soft blueberry puree in a jug and mix the lemon juice in it. Then mix the three cups of cold water in it.

4.  Your homemade fresh blueberry lemonade is ready to be enjoyed.

Serving the blueberry lemonade:

Take the nice glasses and pour the special summer drink into them. Then add the ice cubes in each glass if you want to chill the lemonade. Cut a lemon into round slices and hang one slice on the edge of each glass.  

For a more pleasant look, you can add blueberries in glasses for garnishing purposes. Now you can serve the refreshing blueberry lemonade to your guests. 

Variations for blueberry lemonade:

You can add various other ingredients of your interest to the drink. You can try the following variations.

Adding some herbs:

You can add mint, lavender, or thyme to add some more flavor to the drink.

Mixing other berries:

To get a complex flavor you can add some black berries also in this drink.

Changing sweetener:

Instead of sugar other sweetening agents like honey or maple syrup can be used.

More healthy version:

If you do not strain the blueberry puree then you can get all the antioxidants of the fruit. This will result in more healthy lemonade.

Sparkling twist:

To give a sparkling twist to your blueberry lemonade you have to add soda water in the lemonade.

Adding ginger:

If you want some spicy taste in this special drink then add a piece of ginger in the blender.

Best combinations with blueberry lemonade:

You can serve this amazing summer drink with creamy dill pickle pasta salad, summer peach, and chickpea salad, etc. 


Is straining the blueberry puree necessary?

If you want a restaurant like sooth texture lemonade then you should strain the puree. But to get the healthy version of this drink you should not remove the seeds or other pieces of blueberry. It totally depends upon your choice.

What to do if a fine mesh strainer is not available for blueberry lemonade?

If fine mesh strainer is not present at your home then go with layered cheese cloth or nut milk bag.

Can we store homemade blueberry lemonade?

Yes, you can store the homemade lemonade in the refrigerator. But use a sealed container to use this drink the next day. Do not store it longer as its taste will go spoil.

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