Rhubarb lemonade is a refreshing and very special summer drink that is prepared by using fresh rhubarb and lemons. This drink has not only nice color but an amazing taste to enchant everyone. This rhubarb lemonade is usually made in summer when there is fresh rhubarb in orchards. Some people do not know how to utilize rhubarb except to make some sort of pie with it.

rhubarb lemonade

But today I am going to share a special rhubarb lemonade and after having it you will never forget it. You will surely wait for summer to make this special drink and enjoy it. You can also make a lot of rhubarb lemonade to freeze it and enjoy it all the summer season. The recipe that I commonly try is so easy and needs very few ingredients. You will easily make this with full enjoyment and can serve a tasteful non-alcoholic drink to your special guests.

You can grow easily rhubarb plants in your home garden and can make rhubarb lemonade at any time. But again remember that you can not enjoy this in winter. You have to wait for summer to make this rhubarb recipe from fresh rhubarb. But if you want you can also use frozen rhubarb but at this time you can not enjoy the fresh taste.

Ingredients for Rhubarb lemonade:

Frozen or fresh rhubarb

Fresh lemons

White sugar (granulated)


Sliced lemons and strawberries for garnish

Surely all these simple ingredients will be available in the home kitchen.

Method to make rhubarb lemonade:

1.  Take a medium-sized saucepan and add the rhubarb, lemon juice, sugar, and one cup of water. Boil all the ingredients for about 20 to 30 minutes to get the soft rhubarb.

fresh rhubarb stalks for rhubarb lemonade

2.  Turn off the flame and allow the mixture to cool at room temperature.

3.  Take a fine mesh sieve to filter the mixture and press the pulp during filtration to extract maximum juice from rhubarb.

4.  In this way, you will get the rhubarb syrup. Then add more two cups of cold water in the syrup to get the perfect lemonade.

syrup for rhubarb lemonade recipe

5.  You can adjust the concentration of sugar and lemon juice according to your taste.

6.  Keep the lemonade for 30 to 40 minutes in the fridge to chill it. 


Can I use the whole stalk of the rhubarb plant in lemonade?

No, you can not use the leaves of rhubarb because they are very poisonous. Only the bottom part of the stalk is used in the rhubarb lemonade. To use the rhubarb in the recipe first cut off the leaves of the stalk and then wash the lower part. Then use a knife to chop the rhubarb.

Is it mandatory to use fresh rhubarb in lemonade?

No, it is not necessary to use fresh rhubarb in the recipe. Frozen rhubarb from the previous summer can be utilized. This lemonade recipe requires cooked rhubarb so it does not matter whether it is fresh or frozen at the start.

Whether fresh lemons are better than stored lemon juice?

To get the perfect taste of rhubarb lemonade it is recommended to use fresh lemons. However, if fresh lemons are not available and you have the original lemon juice stored in the bottle you can add it. But in that case, you have to accommodate a little sour taste of lemons.

Can I store the rhubarb lemonade?

Yes, to store the lemonade in four to five days you can put it in the fridge. But if you want to use the rhubarb drink for a longer duration, you should freeze it. Use separate airtight containers to freeze little potions of the drink and enjoy the fresh taste. But if you feel some change in the taste then do not use it.

Can I prepare the rhubarb syrup before time?

Yes, you can easily make the rhubarb syrup before time. You can store this in the fridge for two weeks in an airtight container. Whenever you want to enjoy the drink mix the rhubarb syrup with the remaining ingredients.

For what events rhubarb drink is suitable?

Rhubarb drink is non-alcoholic and has a nice refreshing taste. It is also best for hydration purposes. You can enjoy this drink all summer long and can also serve it to your guests. It is also awesome for occasions like birthday parties, dinner parties, baby showers, and outings.

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