Making iced white tea at home

Iced white tea is not new in the race of tea but if you have not tasted it before then you must. Up till now, you may have tried different types of tea but iced white tea is special of all these. White tea is prepared by using special plant k own as camellia sinensis. Before the buds and leaves of this plant are thoroughly opened, these are picked.  This tree is given the name white tea because when its plant is young it is fully covered with little white hairs.  

iced white tea

But having iced white tea you can not get your face white. You should remain happy with your original color theme. But I am in favor of iced white tea due to its great advantages. You will feel light after having this special tea, unlike other teas. It has a sweet taste and is not bitter as the other types of teas. 

Ingredients for iced white tea:

If you want to make more flavored iced white tea you can add guava juice in it.  Here are the complete ingredients to make refreshing and light iced white tea.

Hot water (one cup): 

To get the perfect taste of tea, you have to take hot water. Do not use cold water to make white tea.

White tea bag (one tea bag):

Take the white tea bags which contain the original white tea. You should choose the best brand of this tea if want to taste the exact flavor.

Sugar (one tablespoon):

Although white tea has already a sweet taste, you can add a little more sugar to get the perfect tea. If you want to take low carbs then chose stevia as a sweetening agent.

Guava juice (one cup):

You can use guava juice in the iced white tea to enhance its flavor. It is suggested to use guava juice in pure form without any sweetening agents. However, if you have sweetened guava juice in your grocery then adjust the other sweetening agent in the tea accordingly.

Lemonade (half cup):

If you add a little lemonade it will give a bright color to tea. The flavor of the tea will become complex and amazing.

How to make perfect iced white tea:

1.  Take a small mug or bowl and put the white tea bag in it. Then pour the hot water over the teabag. Allow the tea to brew in hot water for five minutes. Then squeeze all the water from a tea bag. Discard the squeezed teabag after using it.

2.  Add the sugar to that hot water and stir it. After the sugar has been dissolved,  put the tea in the fridge to cool it.

3.  Take a small pitcher and pour the cold tea into it. Then add lemonade and guava juice to the tea. Mix all the ingredients to get the perfect flavor of white tea. 

4.  Take two glasses and add ice cubes to them. Then add the white tea to the glasses to enjoy the refreshing iced white tea.

Tips and tricks for iced white tea:

  • If you do not like guava flavor then you can try mango juice to enjoy a new taste.

You can skip the sugar if you are using sweet mango juice.

You can skip the ice cubes if the tea is already cold enough.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does there is the caffeine content in the white tea?

Yes, white tea contains caffeine content in it. But it is also the fact that in white tea the content of caffeine is less as compared to green tea or black tea. There are about 10 mg of caffeine in average white tea. While there is about 80 mg of caffeine in one cup of coffee and black tea contains about 40 mg of caffeine in it.

Is white tea better than green tea?

If we do a comparison of white tea and green tea with respect to health aspects, both are good. But there is one preference for white tea over green tea as it contains less caffeine. If you want to enjoy healthy versions of green or white tea, then avoid using any sweeteners or additives. The contents of antioxidants are also high in white tea than in green tea.

One problem is that it is difficult to search for original white tea in the market. White tea is high in cost as compared to green tea.

Why the cost of white tea is high?

It is a very difficult process to make white tea. That’s why white tea is more expensive than green tea. It is necessary to harvest the white tea at the perfect time when the plant is still young.  It is of the highest quality as too much processing is avoided during its production. You have to spend some more dollars if want to enjoy the real healthy taste of iced white tea.

 Does white tea help to lessen belly fat?

The content of catechins is high in white tea which is responsible to fasten the rate of metabolism. In this way, this tea helps to reduce the weight. It also helps to burn belly fat and due to the content of caffeine, it boosts your energy level.

Is white tea beneficial for health?

There are various benefits of taking white tea. It contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It is also associated to decrease cancer risk. But avoid taking too much carbs and calories along with white tea. For this, it is suggested to take iced white tea and enjoy good health.

What is the taste of white tea?

 When I take white tea, it gives me a mixture of fruity and floral taste. You will also feel some touch of honey in the tea and a final mild taste. However, there are some variations in the taste of every brand of tea.

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