Oreo milkshake is my favorite drink. Most people and especially kids love Oreo cookies and ice cream but not milk. So to enhance the taste of milk oreo milkshake is the best choice for kids. It is very easy to make an Oreo milkshake by using just simple ingredients. You only need to spend 5 minutes to prepare this creamy and refreshing drink. 

oreo milkshake

Oreo milkshake is served along with burgers as a compliment in restaurants. Some people visit restaurants just for their special Oreo milkshake. But now there is no need to waste time in restaurants. You can easily make fresh milkshakes at your home quickly. You can also add other ingredients to make your Oreo milkshake more yummy. 

Ingredients for the best Oreo milkshake:

Oreo lovers get ready to note down ingredients for an Oreo milkshake.

Vanilla ice cream: (two scoops)

It is preferred to use vanilla ice cream in the ore milkshake. It will give a delectable taste to the milkshake and give it a creamy texture. However, if you like chocolate flavor, you can add chocolate ice cream.

vanilla ice cream for oreo milkshake

Oreo cookies: (8 cookies)

If you like the exact flavor of Oreo cookies use them. To compensate for your budget you can use other similar cookies at your home like Speculoos etc.

oreo cookies for oreo milkshake

Milk: (one liter):

Milk is a vital part of this special recipe. It is best to choose whole milk but you can take half skimmed milk. The choice depends on how much fat content you want in the milkshake. However non-dairy milk can also be added to the milkshake like vegetable milk or almond milk.

Optional ingredients:

Chocolate syrup:

It adds a chocolate taste to the Oreo milkshake and makes it more flavorful. Nutella can also be added in place of chocolate syrup. Do not try to use melted chocolate as it will again solidify after combining it with ice cream.


Normally ice cream and Oreo cookies are enough to add sweetness to the milkshake. But if you want more sweet taste then add some sugar or maple syrup according to your taste.


You can also add nuts like chopped almonds or pistachios to the shake to increase taste and nutritional value.

For topping:

Whipped cream

oreo cookies (2)

Method to make creamy Oreo milkshake:

1.  Add Oreo cookies, milk, and vanilla ice cream to the blender. If you are using optional ingredients like maple syrup and chocolate syrup, also add them.

2.  Blend all the ingredients at a fast speed for about one to two minutes to get a smooth milkshake.

Note: If you are using a shaker instead of a blender then crumble the cookies by using a rolling pin.

Serving the Oreo milkshake:

  • Use special glasses that are made for a milkshake or you can take a large glass to serve the milkshake. 

  • If you like whipped cream then use it as a topping and also crushed Oreo cookies. Use one-half of the cookie to decorate the glass.

  • Serve the Oreo milkshake cold with a straw. It's time to enjoy the most refreshing and creamy milkshake of new taste.

Restaurant like toppings for milkshake:

  • If you want to make your special milkshake more luscious then use these topping options.

  • To give an attractive look to the glass pour the leftover chocolate syrup on the inner side of the glass.

  • On the top of whipped cream pour some chocolate sauce.

  • Serve the Oreo milkshake along with butter caramel coulis.

  • To enhance the chocolate taste spread some cocoa powder on the top of whipped cream.


Can we drink Oreo milkshake on daily bases?

All these toppings will make your favorite milkshake more attractive and tasty. You will be compelled to die for it. But keep in mind that do not use this milkshake on a daily basis. It is full of fat and can be harmful if taken in large amounts.

Can diabetic and heart patients consume Oreo milkshake?

This milkshake is not suitable for heart patients and those who are suffering from diabetes. However, they can taste it if use skimmed milk and do not add cream to the recipe. Also, avoid adding common sugar as it is called white poison due to its zero nutritional value.

Can we add ice cubes to the Oreo milkshake?

Yes, you can add ice cubes to the milkshake but do not add too much. When the cubes melt they may spoil the original taste of the milkshake. I recommend adding chilled milk and not adding ice cubes.

 Can we make the Oreo milkshake by hand whisk?

Yes, if the blender is not available you can prepare the milkshake by using a hand whisk. In that case, soak the crushed Oreo cookies in one cup of hot milk for 15 minutes. Then mix them all and add the remaining milk and other ingredients. 

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