Watermelon granita is very refreshing for hot summer and the best way to use watermelons. It has a different exciting taste than cold coffee and ice cream. Some people drink it while some consume it as a dessert. It looks like crushed ice having amazing color and flavor. It is very easy to make watermelon granita by using just three ingredients. All the kids will love this granita and ask you to make it for them repeatedly.

watermelon granita

What is granita?

A granita is a special type of recipe that has its origin in Italy. Some variations of granita are used as a drink while others consume it as a sorbet.  It has also different flavor variations like coffee, chocolate, and almond flavors. You can also make granita having nice fruity flavors. It depends upon you.  This recipe needs no flame or oven. You just need to freeze the juice at the end to get the exact texture of the granita.

Ingredients to make watermelon granita:

The specialty of watermelon granita is that you only need three ingredients. You will enjoy the perfect ripe flavor of watermelon and no other flavoring agents are added in granita. If you are going to make this granita for a friend's party then you have to purchase just watermelons and no extra ingredients.


You need one half of medium size watermelon. It should have no seeds at all. But if you want to make granita in large amounts you can double the ingredients.

Lime juice:

 To make the drink a little tangy you should add a little amount of fresh lemon juice. It will enhance the taste of watermelon.


If you like less sweetness in drinks then there is no need to add sugar. But it is suggested to add some sugar which enhances the flavor of frozen watermelon. You can also add alternative sweeteners like maple, honey or agave in the watermelon granita.

How to make icy watermelon granita?

Take a watermelon and cut it into two halves. Then scoop out the fruit from the watermelon.

2.  Take the blender and put the seedless fruit in it to crush it. You will get an even and thin consistency of watermelon. If there are seeds in the juice then strain these out. From one-half watermelon, you will get about 5 to 6 cups of watermelon juice.

3.  Then add lime juice and sugar to the juice and mix them all.

4.  Then pour the juice into a large baking dish and keep it in the freezer for four to six hours. During this period take the dish out of the freezer and scrap the frozen sides of the juice and again place in the freezer. Repeat this process of scrapping and freezing after a few hours. You will get a completely frozen watermelon granita.

watermelon granita recipe

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Tips for the perfect watermelon granita:

If you follow some tips it is sure to get the perfect watermelon granita.

  • The more you would scrap the juice during freezing the more fine texture you will get.

  • If the watermelon is seedless then there is no need to strain the juice. Some chunks of watermelon are good for the required texture.

  • If you are using honey as a sweetener then take a light golden one. Otherwise, the honey flavor may change the watermelon flavor.


How to serve watermelon granita?

You can make the watermelon granita more mouthwatering to serve it in a good manner.

  • You can take a festive glass like a martini for yummy watermelon granita.
  • You can also serve the granita in a bowl and its topping with fruit slices.
  • You can take a large glass and layer it with whipped cream and fruit slices to serve watermelon granita. 
  • You can also add various toppings according to your choice.

Can we store watermelon granita?

It is better to eat the granita as soon as it is prepared. But eating over frozen granita is not good for your teeth and for your health.  

However, you can store the leftover granita to use again. You can freeze it in a sealed container. But before eating it fluff it by using a fork. You can use this stored granita within a month to get the same texture. After that time granita will not be worthy of eating.

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