Apple iced tea is a perfect and tasty drink for those who love tea. To face the encroaching summer heat, apple iced tea is best. If you are a tea fan like me and also want a refreshing drink then a combination of fruit juice with iced tea is the best option. It is very easy and quick to prepare apple iced tea. This will be a two-in-one summer drink and the best option to serve your guests. 

apple iced tea recipe

In addition to fruit juice, you can also mix lime juice and mint flavor in the iced tea. You can also add the sweetening agents in the apple iced tea according to your taste. It is a good choice if you are looking for a non-alcoholic summer beverage. You can also prepare this iced tea for large no of guests by simply increasing the contents. You can make this tea urgently if you have already brewed tea and just mix it with apple juice and chill it.

Ingredients for apple iced tea:

Tea leaves:

In apple iced tea I prefer to use black tea. But you can add green tea or white tea in place of black tea. You can take loose tea or tea bags can be used in iced tea.


If you are using stored apple juice then it is already sweet enough. There is no need to add any extra sweetening agent. But if you are taking homemade apple juice then add sugar according to your taste. Honey is also the best alternative to sugar as a sweetener.

Apple juice:

To enhance the refreshing taste it is necessary to add apple juice in the apple iced tea. I you want to make a healthy version of iced tea then used fresh apple juice. For fizzy drinks, apple-flavored soda can also be mixed in the drink.

Lime juice:

Fresh lime juice adds a little tangy flavor to the apple iced tea. But do not add too much lime or lemon juice. This can add much sourness to your summer drink.


Mint leaves add a twist to the flavor of iced tea. But if you do not like mint flavor you can add it.

How to make apple iced tea quickly?

1.  Take a pan and add water to it to give it a boil. When water starts bubbling then turn off the stove and add the black tea and mint leaves. Then cover the pan and allow the tea leaves to steep for 4 to 5 minutes.

2.  If you want a strong tea flavor then you can give a boil to leaves in water. Strain the tea using a tea strainer and allow it to cool at room temperature.

3.  Take two fresh apples and take out their juice. But there is stored apple juice in your freezer you can use it. 

4.  After cooling the tea mix the apple juice in it. Then mix lemon juice in the mixture.

5.  Taste the apple tea and if there is a need for further sweetness add a little sweetener. I prefer to add honey as a sweetener as sugar is not good for health.

6.  Take a serving glass and pour the apple tea, lemon slices, and ice cubes. Then time is to enjoy the apple iced tea. 

Tips and tricks to make apple iced tea:

  • If you like some twist in the taste of iced apple tea then use green apples instead of red apples for juice.
  • To add some spicy flavor add a stick of cinnamon during brewing the tea.
  • If you do not like mint flavor, you can skip adding it to the boiling water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we add green tea instead of black tea to the apple tea?

Yes, it simply depends on your taste and flavor. If you want a strong taste then use black tea. But if you want the light taste and healthier version then you can go with green tea or white tea also.

Is it necessary to use fresh apple juice in an apple iced tea recipe?

If fresh apples are not present in your kitchen store, then you can go with stored apple juice. You can also add apple-flavored soda in place of apple juice. If you are taking ready-made apple juice then do not add sugar in the apple iced tea recipe. But if fresh juice is available they prefer to use it in the recipe.

For what occasions apple iced tea is best?

You can enjoy the apple iced tea after a meal as a light refreshing drink. To bear the hot summer you can take iced tea as an energy-boosting non-alcoholic drink. You can also serve this iced tea to your guest and surely they will love it.

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