Smash burger is a unique burger famous for dinners and to enjoy on trips. If you have never tried to smash burger recipe then I think you are far behind in cooking. These yummy burgers have got their name due to the cooking method used to make them. Basically, the patties used in the smashed burger recipe are “smashed” to make them more flat and then cooked. It takes just a few minutes to cook smash burgers due to their thin nature.

smash burger recipe at home

I also like smash burgers because it is more yummy and easy to eat and all the toppings remain in the bun.  Due to the unique cooking method in the smash burger recipe, these burgers are attractive brown edges and crispy nature. You have no need to purchase any grill for the smash burger recipe. It can be made perfectly in a cast iron skillet lined with oil. 

I am sure that once you will try the smash burger recipe at home, you will become a fan of it. But do not involve any type of burger in your daily meal. You can have yummy and crispy smash burgers, cheeseburgers, or beef burgers on special occasions or on weekends. Let’s share the smash burger recipe with easy steps, secret tips, and tricks. 

Ingredients for smash burger recipe:

Ground Beef: (One and a half pounds of ground beef which is 80/20)

This amount of ground beef is enough to make four burgers having double patties. But if you want to put a single patty in each burger, that is your choice. Ground beef is used as it has a more delicious taste and is easily available.

Salt according to taste:

Without salt, nothing tastes well. We are in the habit of spreading salt in each dish. There is no taste without adding salt to the spicy recipes.

Black pepper is added to taste:

Black pepper adds some unique flavor to the dish. But do not add an extra amount of black pepper powder, as it will burn your throat.

Garlic powder to your taste:

You can add garlic powder to the recipe but skip it if you do not like its taste.

Four slices of thinly sliced cheddar cheese:

Medium cheddar cheese is generally used in the smash burger recipe. You can take thick sliced cheese or American-style cheese also as per the availability. 

For the smash burger sauce recipe:

One by three cup mayonnaise:

To make the yummy sauce for the smash burger recipe, you have to take mayonnaise.

One teaspoon of yellow mustard: 

Yellow mustard is an important ingredient in burger sauce. American yellow mustard is best for this purpose but you can add any other type also.

Toppings for smash burger recipe:

Four brioche buns for a burger:

Brioche buns are commonly used as they are sweet in taste. You can make brioche buns at home using a simple recipe. But if any other bun is available you can take that.

Two cups of lettuce (iceberg) in shredded form:

If you want a restaurant-style smash burger then make thin slices of iceberg lettuce. This will look great in the smash burger recipe.

Half red onion:

Make sure you have sliced the onion into thin rings. It will look decent. Prefer to use red onions as white onions have no special taste.

Two dill pickles (sliced):

Dill pickles will add unique flavor to the smash burger recipe. Make small chips of dill pickle.

How to make special smash burgers? 

1.  First, you have to prepare the sauce for the smash burger recipe. For this take a small bowl and add yellow mustard, mayonnaise, diced pickles, and pickle juice in it. Mix all ingredients well. Your special smash burger sauce is ready. Put the bowl of the sauce aside.

2.  For preparing the seasoning of the burger, mix the black pepper, salt, or if you want kosher salt in another small bowl. 

3. Make about five to six portions of ground beef and shape them into balls. 

4.  Take one by eight teaspoons of burger seasoning and use this to season the beef balls. During cooking, seasoning can be done again to suit the taste.

5. Take a foil and use it to wrap a heavy iron skillet. This wrapped skillet will be used to smash the burgers. 

6. Use another skillet over medium heat and put one tablespoon of butter in it. When butter gets melted, put a beef ball in it. 

7. Take the skillet wrapped with foil or use a spatula to smash the beef balls into flat patties. You will have to smash each ball for about ten seconds, by applying high pressure at a time. Do this for all the beef balls. This is the step for which this recipe is given the name smash burger recipe.

patties for smash burger recipe

8. Now again season the burger (beef patties) using the burger seasoning mixture. Keep the beef patties in a skillet for about ninety seconds to allow the juices to bubble from the patties. 

9. In order to flip the burger patties, using a metal spatula is best, and do not allow the burgers (patties) to burn.

10.  After flipping the patties, the time is to add the slices of cheese to them. If you want a more cheesy burger, add two slices of cheese to each burger. I prefer to cook the patties with cheese for about 2 to 3 minutes.

11.  If you look that burgers (beef patties) are caramelized well on the outer surface then these are done well. However if you want to cook them well, give a further 30 seconds to burger patties.

smash burger recipe patties

Toasting the buns for the smash burger recipe:

After cooking the patties for a burger, it's time to toast the buns. Take a skillet and put one tablespoon of butter. Keep the buns with their flat side down and toast them for thirty seconds. Toast all the buns well to get golden brown color.

Assembling the smash burgers:

Assembling the smash burgers is great fun and very easy. First, spread the prepared yummy sauce on the bottom bun. Then put three slices of pickle on the bun. Then add the pieces of lettuce to the bun. If you like further add tomatoes and onions to make the topping more colorful and healthy. Then the time comes to put the beef patties and the top half of the bun.

Wrapping the burger for the smash burger recipe:

If you want the exact copy of the restaurant smash burger, you can use this simple burger wrapping method. It would be fun and you will feel like wrapping a gift. 

  • Take parchment paper and cut pieces of 10-12 measure square. Fold each piece of appear in half to form a triangle. 

  • Put the folded parchment paper over the burger. 

  • Flip the smash burger upside and tuck in the sides. 

  • Finally, fold the bottom flap of paper over the burger.

  • Enjoy your delicious homemade smash burger.

yummy smash burger recipe

The nutritional content of the smash burger recipe:

Amount per serving:

Total calories: 730 calories

Fat: 59 g

Saturated fat: 22g

Trans fat: 2g

Polyunsaturated fat: 10g

Monosaturated fat: 21g

Carbohydrates: 26g

Carbohydrates: 26 g

Cholesterol:158 mg

Potassiu:720 mg

Sodium: 926 mg

Calcium: 335 mg

Iron: 5 mg

Fiber:2 g

Sugar: 6g

What is the best beef for a smash burger recipe?

To make a perfect smash burger at home, you should take ground chuck having 15 to 20 percent fat content.

If you want a more juicy and caramelized burger, then use a more fatty beef. It will add more flavor to the smash burger recipe. Smashing the burger patties develops a crust on the patties. However, if you are concerned about calories content in fat, then less fatty ground beef can be chosen.

How the burger and smash burger are different?

It is the cooking method that makes a difference between a smash burger and a regular burger. During cooking the patties of smashed burgers are smashed or pressed into a flat shape. This gives and crispy outer surface and a more flavorful inner side. While a normal burger is not pressed and so it is not so crispy.

What is the secret behind the crisps of smash burger recipe?

When you smash the patties of ground beef into a skillet, the contact point increases between the patties and the pan. This gives the smash burger a crispy outer texture and maximum flavor. To press the burger patties, you can use a stiff spatula and get the nice brown color of the patties.

What ingredients are required to make lightened-up smash burgers?

To make lightened-up smash burgers you need a few ingredients.

I prefer to use potato rolls

96/4 extra lean ground beef instead of fatty beef

Light mayo instead of standard mayo

Garlic powder

These ingredients are substituted with standard ingredients used in the smash burger recipe. 

How to reduce fat content in smash burger recipe?

In the smash burger recipe, you can cut down the fat content to take extra lean ground beef. The use of butter or oil to cook patties can be avoided. Use a non-stick pan and let the beef patties cook in their own juice. This will definitely reduce the fat content in the smash burger recipe.

You can also use the grill to toast the bun and smash burger patties to avoid fat or butter.

Are lightened-up smash burgers healthy?

In lightened-up smash burgers, the content of fat is less. For this reason, these are healthier than regular smash burgers. You can serve the homemade lightened-up smash burgers in family dinners to get maximum appreciation.

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