Hamburger recipe that I usually try at home is my favorite one. The reason is my prepared hamburgers are full of flavor and crispy patties that you can serve to guests. Of course, everyone will prefer your homemade hamburgers instead of a restaurant burger. Another thing is that you can adjust the ingredients in a special hamburger recipe according to your mood. 

hamburger recipe

You can enjoy the yummy hamburger at a picnic or at weekend parties. In this hamburger recipe, you can add patties of your desired thickness. These can be juicy or can be crusty as you desire. To get ready to make perfect and delicious restaurant-like hamburgers quickly. It will just take about thirty minutes to make delectable hamburgers. All the stuff to make these burgers would be in your kitchen surely. You can add extra flavoring herbs to the hamburger recipe to make it more appealing for you.

Basic info about my hamburger recipe:

Time for preparation: 10 minutes

Time to cook: 10 minutes

Total time: 20 minutes

Servings: four

Ingredients for hamburger recipe:

Half pound of lean ground beef

Finely chopped half onion

Half a cup of cheddar cheese

One egg

One ounce dry onion soup

One clove of minced garlic

Garlic powder one tablespoon

One teaspoon of soy sauce

One teaspoon of dry oregano

oregano for hamburger recipe

One teaspoon of dry parsley

One teaspoon of dry basil

dry basil for hamburger recipe

Half a teaspoon of crushed dry rosemary

One teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce

worcestershire sauce for hamburger recipe

You can skip any flavoring ingredient or change its quantity according to your taste.

Steps for yummy hamburger recipe:

1.  If you have an outdoor grill available then preheat it and add a light layer of oil to the grate. However, if you want to use a frying pan then brush oil in it and keep it on the stove.

2.  Take a large bowl and add ground beef, cheese, chopped onion, minced garlic, soy sauce, garlic powder onion soup mix and combine all the ingredients.

3. Then add the remaining ingredients which are parsley, basil, rosemary, Worcestershire sauce, and pepper to the bowl. Mix all the ingredients to form a perfect mixture.

4.  Make about four patties of the mixture by using your hands. If the mixture is sticky, you can do oiling of your palms.

patties for hamburger recipe

5.  If using the grill, put the patties on the grill to cook them well. Flip the patties after four minutes to perfectly cook both sides of the beef patties for the hamburger recipe. Allow all the juice to dry to get the delicious taste of the patties.

6.  However, if you are using the skillet, heat it and then add the beef patties to it.  You can press the patties to make them thin and to get a crispy outer layer.   

grilling patties for hamburger recipe

7.  Put the patties on the plate if you see perfect brown and crispy patties for the hamburger recipe.

Nutritional contents per hamburger recipe:

Four servings:

Total calories: 445 g

Total fat: 28g

Saturated fat: 12g

Total carbs: 9g

Protein: 39g

Dietary fiber: 1g

Cholesterol: 174mg

Sodium: 967mg

Total sugar: 2g

Calcium: 171mg

Vitamin C: 3mg

Iron: 4mg

Potassium: 517 mg

Ingredients in hamburger recipe for topping:

Four brioche buns (toasted) 

One tomato

One onion (sliced into rings)

Burger sauce

Lettuce leaves

Assembling delicious hamburgers:

Take the one half of the bun and put lettuce leaves on it then add the yummy beef patties, then sliced onion and tomato to make the perfect hamburger. Finally, add the burger sauce to the topping to add more taste.

Put the second half of the bun over the topping. Repeat the same to make the remaining hamburgers.

Then it's time to serve the yummy and flavorful hamburger. You can share this hamburger recipe with your friends being experts in making delectable hamburgers.

yummy hamburger

How to make the hamburgers more cheesy?

You can add thin slices of cheese to the hamburger topping to make it more cheesy. But keep in mind that in the beef patties cheese has been added already. Too much fat in the burger is not safe for health. Eat your favorite hamburgers in moderation with other healthy dishes.

How to make patties in hamburger recipes more crispy?

You can use crackers or breadcrumbs in the ground beef mixture to make the patties more crispy and flavorful. Using crushed crackers is the traditional method to add up flavor to a burger recipe.

How to get a gluten-free hamburger recipe?

Although the hamburger recipe is not gluten-free you can make it gluten-free. Use gluten-free breadcrumbs and also take buns that are gluten-free.

Can we bake patties for the hamburger recipe in the oven?

Yes, you can bake the beef patties in the oven for a hamburger recipe. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and put the baking sheet in it to make it hot. Then put the beef patties on the sheet and give 2 to 3 minutes to each side of the patties if these are thin. For thick patties, it will require more time to bake them perfectly.

What are other yummy burger recipes which are easy to make?

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Can we store hamburger patties?

Yes, you can store patties for hamburger recipes. First, allow the patties to cool down. Use an airtight container to put the patties in the fridge for about three days. After three days the taste of hamburger patties may change.

How to freeze hamburger patties?

You can store uncooked and cooked hamburger patties in the freezer. 

For uncooked patties:

If you want to freeze uncooked patties, use a baking sheet. Make a single layer of patties on the baking sheet and cover them using a storage wrap. Put them in the freezer to get frozen patties. If you want to store them for a longer duration, take the frozen patties and wrap them using individual foils. Label the freezing date to use the patties timely. You can use the hamburger patties within three months.

For cooked patties:

If you want to freeze cooked patties, use aluminum foil to wrap the patties separately. Then take a freezer-safe bag to keep the wrapped hamburger patties. You can also freeze the cooked patties for three months. But if the taste of patties has been altered, do not consume them. Before using the patties, keep them in the fridge overnight to thaw them.

What type of meat is best for hamburger recipes?

Meat used in hamburger recipes creates a difference due to its fat content and quality. If you want to take the best type of meat for hamburgers, prefer ground chuck over ground beef. Ground chuck is the meat from beef shoulders and is most suitable for hamburgers. While ground beef is the combination of meat from different parts of the beef body.  To enjoy both flavors you can combine 40 percent brisket and 60 percent ground beef.

You can choose lean ground beef if you are concerned about fat intake. However, it is suitable for the best flavor to take 20 percent fat content meat.

Tips for restaurant-style hamburger recipes:

  • Avoid handling meat too much, as it may get tough. Do not extra press the patties while cooking them. If you do so, these will get tough and not juicy. Gently shape the beef patties for juicy hamburgers.

  •  Make a small depression in the center of the patties before cooking them.  In this way, you will get evenly cooked patties.

  • You can check the edges or sides of the patties to check that either they are cooked or not. This will void overcooking or burning of patties.

  • Some chefs avoid drying out patties before cooking. They do this by placing small ice cubes in the depressions that you have made in the patties.