Burger Recipe to make yummy burgers at Home

Burger recipe that I am going to share, is very tasty and easy to make. I think no other dish is more mouthwatering than a tasty classic burger with beef patties. I will also share the best tips to make the perfect burger recipe that I usually follow. If you follow the tips for my tasty burger recipe, everyone will praise your homemade burger. 

Now you can make yummy burgers at home and can add variations in the burger recipe according to your taste. No one will be able to differentiate your homemade burgers and restaurant burgers. Feel easy to make yummy beef patties burger at home and surprise everyone. Let's start to share the burger recipe.

burger recipe

Ingredients for burger recipe:

  • Ground chuck beef, one pound
  • One large egg
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Salt to taste

Toppings for classic cheeseburger recipe:

  • Four brioche burger buns
  • Four slices of cheddar cheese
  • One large sliced tomato
  • Half medium sliced red onion
  • Half a bunch of green lettuce leaf

Buns for burger recipe:

You can choose any type of bun according to your likeness.

Pub-style buns: These are tall and soft and the burger will be restaurant-style.

Classic sesame seeds bun: These buns are not too expensive and are classic type. These are commonly used in street stall burgers.

Brioche bun: It is more enriched in flavor and has a sweet taste.

Pretzel bun: These buns have a denser texture but have rare chances to become mushy.

Potato bun: These are the softest types of buns having great flavor. I mostly choose these ones.

Sauce for burger recipe:

I usually recommend good aioli means flavored mayo for burger recipes. It is very easy to whip these sauces and have a nice flavor. The teenagers mostly like to take BBQ aioli sauce with burgers while kids opt for “Fry sauce’. Now it depends on you which sauce you choose. You can also use tomato catchup instead of sauce.

However, you can combine these sauces to make a unique flavored sauce.

How to make beef patties for burger recipe:

1.  If you have an outdoor grill for roasting patties or kababs then preheat the grill.

2.  Take a bowl and add egg, black pepper, and salt to it to mix them well.

3.  Then add the ground beef to the bowl and use a fork to mix all the ingredients. 

4. Make patties from the mixture having a 3 by 4-inch thickness.

patties for burger recipe

5.  Then put the patties on the preheated grill. It will take about 6 to 7 minutes to completely cook each side of the patties. Be careful about the burning of patties on the grills.

6. Remove the red-brown yummy patties from a plate for a classic burger recipe.

Yummy beef burger recipe | Make a classic beef burger

1.  Make sure that you have already prepared the beef patties for the burger recipe. Prepare other sauces that you want to take as a side dish.

2.  Make a layer of soft butter on the cut side of the bun and then toast this side of the bun in a pan or preheated grill. If you do not want a soggy bun for a burger recipe, then do not skip the toasting of butter. After that, you can also apply a coating of mayo or sauce on both halves of the toasted bun.

3.  Now take a large plate and put the toasted brioche burgers in it with a cut side on the top. 

4.  Place first lettuce leaves, one patty in each burger, sliced onions, and tomato rings on the patty. 

5.  If you have slices of cheddar cheese then it's good you can place a cheese slice on top of the all ingredients for the burger recipe. 

6.  Then place the other half of the brioche bun on the topping and your classic beef burger is ready to serve.

7.  You can take tomato ketchup or mayo with a delicious and tasty burger to enjoy extra flavor flavors. However, if you want, you can add a layer of mayo or catch up on the burger topping.

classic beef burger recipe

Tips for perfect patties in burger recipe:

  • First, cook the patties for a burger and then prepare the other toppings and buns for a yummy burger recipe.

  • Take refrigerated ground beef and it's ideal to have 20% fat in chuck beef.

  • Do not overcook the meat of patties on the grill.

  • Make some wider shapes of patties than the size of the bun. It is because during grilling the patties normally shrink.

  • Do not take off the patties in undercooked form. Wait until these get brown to place them in the bun.

  • Flipping the patties during grilling is necessary to completely roast both sides of the patties for the burger recipe.

Can I cook patties for the burger recipe on the stovetop?

If you have no grills available then like most restaurants you can use a skillet or pan. First, add some oil to the pan and allow it to become hot but not become smoky. Then put the patties for the burger recipe and allow it to cook. It takes almost 3 to 5 minutes to thoroughly cook each side of the patties. I also prefer to use a skillet instead of grilling the patties.

Can we store beef burgers?

Yes, you can store cooked burgers having beef patties in them. But the maximum limit to store these is 3 to 4 days. Use an airtight container to store beef burgers.

Is it right to freeze beef burgers?

You can store the burger patties in the freezer for 3 months.  First, wrap all the patties individually. After packing place the patties in freezer-safe bags or airtight containers.

Why avoid overeating burgers?

It is a universal reality that everyone loves to eat tasty snacks like burgers. Especially teenagers and kids can never avoid burgers. But it is also a daring truth that eating burgers too much is not good for our health.  Let's discuss the effects our burgers have on our bodies scientifically.

According to the scientific point of view, the burger is a junk food that is rich in calories. It contains fat and sodium in excess which can affect our health badly. If we talk about one hamburger, it contains about 500 calories. Out of these 25 grams are from fat, 10 grams of sugar, 40 grams of carbohydrates and 1000 milligrams of sodium are present in just one hamburger.

Now most of you would think that as we eat to gain calories and ultimately energy. Then why the too many calories in the burger are not good for us? 

The simple answer to that question is that when we eat a burger, just after 15 minutes we will feel massiveness due to glucose in the burger. That will result in the release of insulin in your blood. As a result, you will feel hungry just in a few hours after the meal. If you daily take a burger, then the risk of diabetes can be increased. 

The other way to explain this is that if you take too many calories at once then oxidation reactions in your cells increase and that’s not good for good health.

As I had already discussed, burgers containing too much-saturated fat are also harmful. It is also experimented that when some healthy persons take food rich in saturated fat, their arteries became less flexible. Their dilation ability was affected badly. This can lead to heart disease later. Similarly high sodium content can also affect blood vessels. It can increase the risk of high blood pressure (Hypertension) in persons.

So, next time when you think to have a yummy burger, think thrice about your health. Because if you get sick you cannot enjoy the different flavors of nature and neither any burger recipe.

Tips for healthier burger recipe:

Of course, everyone loves to take bites of yummy and juicy burgers. The yummy burgers are available in almost every restaurant but you can make healthier ones at home.  I prefer to make burgers at home because I properly take concerned about the cleanliness and the healthy nature of the ingredients for the burger recipe.

Now I am giving some suggestions to make your burger recipe healthy and you can take it without health issues.

Choosing the lowest fat beef for burger recipe:

When you want to purchase ground beef for a burger recipe or any other dish, you should be careful about the fat content in the beef. If fat is high in beef, more water will be held in the patties during cooking. These will be juicy but from the perspective of health, it is not good. 

High fat means high saturated fat and so LDL means bad cholesterol raises in the body. This can cause several heart diseases in a person and even blockage of veins. You should go with the lowest fat-containing ground beef.

Les fat also leads to less content of calories in the burger patties so that’s also good for health. When you want to make burgers at home, opt for low-fat beef. You can also control the amount of high calories ingredients in the burger recipe. 

Opt for whole grain bun in burger recipe:

Usually, when going for a burger recipe, people choose highly processed white bread buns. But the buns made with processed flour are not good for health. These can result in increased blood sugar levels due to the high carbohydrate content in it. Some breads may also contain high-fructose syrup in them.

When you try a burger recipe at home, then take the whole wheat bun. These are high in fiber and other beneficial nutrients. It is not harmful as the bun is made from processed flour.

Alternate meat options for burger recipe:

If you want to lessen fat content further in a burger recipe then you should buy lean turkey meat. Its fat content is half that of beef. But do not concern about the dryness of the patties. You can add moisture to them by using water-rich vegetables. Once try different binding agents in the burger recipe and see the results.

You can add onions or shredded zucchini which will also add up fiber content on the burger recipe. If you want to make a vegan burger then there is no need to add any type of meat. You have to add fresh shredded vegetables instead of beef patties. You can also choose potato patties instead. Adding mushrooms or legumes to the burger is another option for a vegan burger recipe.

Using healthy binding agent:

Normally bread crumbs are used as a binding agent to bind the ground meat in patties. Instead of bread crumbs, you can use fiber-rich oats like Hoch. If you have one pound of ground beef then one by four cups of oats is enough. 

Using chia seeds is another healthy option as a binding agent. The chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. To use them as a binder you have to add water to the chia seeds. If you are taking one teaspoon of chia seeds then take two teaspoons of water to mix in them.  Allow the chia seeds to rest in water for 5 minutes and then use them. 

However, if you do not want to use chia seeds, take flax “eggs” as a binding agent. These are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fibers. Take 3 tablespoons of lukewarm water and add one tablespoon of flaxseed to it. After a few minutes, the mixture will become gelatinized and ready to use as a binder in patties. 

Hope you would like the special beef burger recipe and healthier options for the burger recipe. Eat finest and stay fit.

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