Korean corn dogs are similar to hotdogs but have an additional coating of panko breadcrumbs that make them crunchy. More variations can be added in corndog coatings to make it more yummy like ramen noodles or French fries. Korean corndog ( Korean corn dog) is a famous street food in South Korea. 

korean corn dog recipe

It is similar to hotdog sausage which is coated with a batter, then deep fried to get golden color and yummy crispiness. For that reason in Korea, corn dog is also known as “Hot dog”.

Why corndogs are named so?

It is an accepted viewpoint that in the mid 1800s, some butchers migrated from Germany and settled in the United States. There they open their restaurants and began selling a variety of sausages.  Some of which were long and thin exactly like the dog breed dachshund. For this reason, they named those sausages dachshund sausages. With time the phrase became changed into “Hotdogs” and later due to using corn in the hot dog recipe called corndogs.

There are other varieties of names used for this hot dog recipe depending on the region. In Australia as corndogs were excitedly served at carnivals and agricultural shows so named as “pluto pups” or “dagwood”.  Similarly “dippy dogs” and pronto pups are also names of the same dish. The “Pluto pup” was selected from the “Disney” in which a famous character Pluto (a dog) was present. 

Similarly, the “Dagwood dog” name was also taken from the American film Blondie in which Dagwood had a dog named Daisy. So, commonly all the names used for corndogs are related to the names of dogs. 

The specialty of Korean corndogs:

If you want to make the corndogs at home then you just need flour, dry yeast, and you can also use sweet rice flour. Then you have to skew the corndogs on sticks made of wood, apply batter to them, and finally fry them.  You will get crispy and crunchy layers and unique flavors. 

If you want Korean corn dogs to have a nicely balanced savory and sweet taste and crispy texture, then just follow these simple steps.

Ingredients to make Korean corn dogs:

  • 2 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1 teaspoon active and dry yeast
  • 1 and a half cups of all-purpose flour
  • One-fourth cup of sweet rice flour

Ingredients for filling of Korean corndogs:

  • 4 Frankfurt sausages (hotdog sausages)
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 3 by fourth cup panko breadcrumbs
  • 1  large egg

Topping for Korean corndogs:

  • 1 to 2 packs of ramen noodles

Sauce for Korean corndogs: 

  • White granulated sugar
  • American mustard sauce
  • Ketchup
  • 4 disposable wooden skewers or chopsticks are also needed.

Nutritional facts about Korean corndogs:

  • Carbohydrates: 444 kcal
  • Proteins: 46g
  • Fat: 21g
  • Fat: 19g
  • Saturated fat: 9g
  • Cholesterol: 90mg
  • Potassium: 186mg
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Sugar: 7g
  • Calcium: 339mg
  • Vitamin A: 18IU
  • Iron: 3mg

How to make Korean corndogs at home?

The batter for Corndogs:

To make the Korean corn dogs at home you have to take one large bowl and add the sugar, warm water, and salt in it. The temperature of the water should be about 50-60 degrees Celsius.

Then put the yeast in that bowl and stir the mixture well. Set the bowl aside to allow the yeast to dissolve well. 

dry yeast for corndog

Then add the glutinous rice flour, egg, and all-purpose flour in the same bowl. Mix them using a spatula to get a smooth textured batter.

Cover the bowl using the cling warm or lid and keep them aside. You should not disturb the batter for an hour to allow the batter to rise to room temperature.

You will see the dough will increase in size. Then mix it with a spatula and keep it to set further.

Shaping and frying of Korean corn dogs:

1.  Take a deep bottom pan and pour oil into it. The amount of oil should be so to dip the corndogs easily. Turn on the flame to heat the oil to about 175 degree Celsius. The pan you have taken should be wide to allow easy frying of the corn dog skewer. If you have applied medium heat then it will take 5 minutes to heat the oil to 175 degrees Celsius.

2.  Take flour and panko breadcrumbs on two separate plates. Arrange all the ingredients like corndog batter, panko breadcrumbs, ramen noodles, and flour plate. 

panko breadcrumbs for korean corndog

3. Take the wooden chopsticks and skewer the hotdog sausages on them.  Then add a covering of flour on the hot dog sausages to allow the batter to stick well.

4.  Coat the batter on the  Korean corndog skewers one by one. Just take a start from the top and give them a circular motion to cover with batter fully. You should be careful to do a thin and even coating of batter on the Korean corndogs skewers. 

5.  You can add an extra coating of ramen noodles to the corndog. Then finally do a coating of panko breadcrumbs on the corndogs. 

6.  To fry the Korean corndogs put the thoroughly coated corn dogs in the heated oil. You should fry them in the hot oil for about 5 minutes while turning them after every 2 minutes. It will result in the thorough cooking of Korean hotdogs.

7.  Remove the Korean corn dogs from the oil when they get golden brown. Put them on a plate and spread some white sugar as a topping. To further enhance their flavor add mustard sauce and ketchup on the crispy corndogs.

8.  Now you can serve these crispy and yummy Korean corndogs to your guest and can have them by yourself.

korean corn dog

9.  Once you try it, you will become a fan of these Korean hotdogs and plan to cook them every weekend.

How to make Korean cheese corndogs at home?

In the early years, there was only one type of traditional corn dog available as street food. In that, only Frankfurt sausages were used on skewers. However, as time passes new varieties of corn dogs were introduced having a variety of flavors.  Now different types of filling options are available to choose from according to your likeness. 

If you want some cheesy and gooey texture in the filling of corndogs,  you should use cheese in them. In Korean terms, these are called “cheese hotdogs” or “Korean cheese corn dogs”.

For this take the hard cheese blocks and make small holes in these blocks using some metal skewers. In this way putting wooden skewers in the cheese blocks will become easy. This will prevent the breaking of cheese blocks. 


1.  First, you have to prepare the batter according to the same method as discussed for the Korean corndog early. 

2.  Then skewer the sausages and cheese blocks on the wooden sticks. Then repeat the same procedure means coating the batter and then covering the coated batter with breadcrumbs.

3. After this, you have to simply fry the Cheese corn dogs on medium flame in hot oil. You can do garnishing according to your flavor.

Potato corn dog | Korean potato corndogs recipe:

If you like the extra crisp of potatoes then you can add an extra coating of French fries pieces on the Korean corndog. In Korean terms hotdogs having a coating of French fries pieces are known as “Gamja Hot Dogs”. If you want a more sweet taste in the coating then use sweet potatoes for fries.

potato korean corn dog

You can also purchase already-seasoned French fries for this purpose. However, if you want to use fresh French fries at home then follow these simple steps.

1.  If you have to coat 5  Korean corn dogs then take 2 medium potatoes and peel them off. Cut them into small pieces. 

2.  Take a bowl having water in it. Soak these potato cubes in water for five minutes. Drain the water is separate the potato cubes on a plate.

3.  Now take a pot and boil some water into it. Put these potato cuts in the pot for 2 minutes. 

4.  Remove the water and dry the potato chops using a paper towel.

5.  Mix the potato cubes with one tablespoon of all-purpose flour. Keep them aside.

6.  Now the fries are ready to be coated on the Korean corn dogs. 

7.  Then For Korean corndogs, topping with French fries or ramen noodles should be done. Do a thorough coating of French fries on the corndog batter-coated skewer.

Toppings for Korean corn dog:

If you want topping of French fries on the corn dogs then make small pieces of French fries. Take a plate to keep the French fries pieces in it.

However, if you want the texture of ramen noodles on the corndogs then take a pack of instant ramen noodles. Gently break the ramen noodles in the packet. Put these on a separate plate.

Best garnishing options for Korean corndogs:

You can use different ingredients according to your taste for the topping of corn dogs. Drizzling of ketchup and American mustard sauce can be the best options. You can choose any one of these or combine both in the form of layers. 

You can also sprinkle white sugar on the hot dogs to balance the acidic flavor. In that case, there is no need to add extra topping of sauces or ketchup. You can simply serve the American mustard sauce and ketchup in separate bowls along with the Korean corn dog. Both these combinations complement each other's flavors like the tanginess of sauces and the sweetness of sugar.

sausages for korean corn dog

Vegan Korean corndogs recipe:

1.  If you do not want to add egg to the Korean corn dog recipe then there are other options available.

2.  To use in the batter eggs can be replaced with flaxseeds or chia seeds. Take one teaspoon of chia seeds in a bowl and then add three tablespoons of water to it. 

3. Let the mixture to rest for 15 minutes. If you want to use milk, then prefer plant-based milk for vegan Korean corn dogs. To achieve thick texture use oat milk rather than soya milk or almond milk. 

4.  Add this mixture to the batter slowly until you get desired texture of the batter.

5.  Similarly, you can use vegan cheese and vegan sausages in the hotdogs. Vegan mozzarella cheese can be best to get cheesy consistency.

How to store and reheat corndogs?

Any type of corndog can be best stored in the fridge for about 2 to 3 days. If you want to store the leftover Korean corndogs for about one month then put them in the freezer. Use an airtight container or durable plastic bags to store the corndogs in the freezer. 

Use the microwave to reheat the corndogs after removing them from the refrigerator or freezer. Heat the m for about 30 to 35 seconds on high in the oven. If you are applying 400 degrees Fahrenheit then 10-minute heating is necessary.

Is it right to use refrigerated corndogs?

In cooked corndogs, there are high chances of the growth of bacteria in them. Try to use these as soon as possible to avoid any food-borne diseases. Try to consume the Korean corndogs within 2 days.

Should purchase corndogs be refrigerated?

If you have purchased the corndogs and had yet not opened the packing then you can store them in the refrigerator. But be careful about the sell-by date on the packing of corn dogs.  It is safe to use purchased corn dogs within one week of their selling date. But do not open the packing.

How to preserve the batter of corn dogs?

If you have no time to do preparations for corn dog then the batter can be prepared before time. You can store the batter for about 2 days in the refrigerator. It is also suggested to partially fry the batter-coated Korean corndogs and freeze them. When there is a need to consume them, again fry them in hot oil to get deep golden color and perfect crispy texture.

Can anyone get sick after consuming old corndog?

If anyone consumes expired corndog has a bad smell or taste. Then there are strong chances to develop food born illnesses due to bacteria in the food. Common bacteria that spoil the food are staphylococcus aureus, listeria, salmonella, etc. Intake of such spoiled food can lead to severe diarrhea.

Why does white stuff develop on corn dogs?

If you have put the corn dogs in the freezer too long you may see white patches on them. It is due to the freezing of moisture in the  Korean corndogs. Due to the presence of large moisture in corn dogs, the freezing span of these is short. If your corn dogs are freezer burned, then it is recommended to throw them away and not eat them.