Black bean burger recipe that now I am going to share will become your favorite burger recipe. Black beans are full of proteins and nice taste and if you make special crunchy patties by using black beans, that will be great. You will get nutrients and taste in a single recipe. The black bean burger recipe is the best option for vegetarians. 

black bean burger recipe

The black bean patties that I cooked have a nice smoky flavor, and well cooked on the inner side. If you follow the recipe steps, this black bean burger is going to be your best black bean burger ever. The recipe is very easy and all the ingredients required for this black bean burger recipe would be in your kitchen. 

Preparation time: fifteen minutes

Cooking time: twenty minutes

Total required time: thirty-five minutes 

You can have these black bean burgers at late-night dinners or at weekend lunch parties. Here are the ingredients required for the black bean burger recipe.

Ingredients for black bean burger recipe:

Black beans (three cups):

 You have to take cooked black beans that are then drained well. You can also take canned black beans for the burger recipe. Make sure that black beans are well cooked and not too hard.

black beans for black bean burger recipe

Onion (one by three cup grated onion):

Make sure to grate the onions using a large hole grater. This will make it easy to mash it with other ingredients. During the grating of onion, they will release liquid but it's normal. Just separate onion pulp in a bowl leaving the liquid.

Egg (one):

Whisk the egg in a separate bowl to use it as a binder.

Salt (half teaspoon):

You can also adjust the salt content according to your taste. Without salt, you can not enjoy the taste of any spicy recipe.

Pepper (half teaspoon):

Pepper is added to give some spicy taste to the black bean burger recipe.

Cumin (one teaspoon):

This spice some extra flavor in the burger recipe.

Garlic (two minced cloves):

Garlic is used as an ingredient in the black bean burger recipe to add some deep flavor to it.

Canned chipotles (two chipotle peppers in Adobe):

Chipotles are added to the burger recipe to add some smoky flavor to black bean patties.

Adobe sauce (two tablespoons):

 It enhances the flavor of the black bean burger.

adobe sauce for black bean burger recipe

Balsamic vinegar (one tablespoon):

To add a savory and tangy flavor to the burger, the balsamic burger is added.

Tamari (one tablespoon):

Panko bread crumbs (one cup):

Panko bread crumbs are used to give a crispy texture to black bean patties.

Extra virgin olive oil (for brushing):

Extra virgin olive oil is used for brushing in black bean burger patties. This gives a shiny surface to burgers.

Hamburger buns:

You can choose buns of your favorite type. But I preferably use brioche buns to make a black bean burger. These buns are softer and have a light sweet taste.

For topping in the black bean burger recipe:

Burger sauce ( half cup)

Chopped lettuce leaves (half cup)

One sliced tomato

Half onion (sliced into rings) optional

Method to make patties for black beans burger recipe:

1. Take a large bowl and add cooked black beans, garlic, crushed onions, chipotle, tamari, adobe sauce, salt, cumin, and pepper to the bowl. 

2. If you have a potato masher use it or a fork to mash all the ingredients well. But there will be left some visible pieces of black beans. Then add the whisked egg which will help to bind the ingredients together. 

3. Add the bread crumbs to further get the perfect texture of black bean patties. You can use a spatula to mix all the ingredients.

4. Make six or eight segments of the mixture to shape them into patties. Perfectly shaped patties will result only if the mixture is properly wet. But if it has too much moisture, you can keep the mixture in the fridge for twenty to thirty minutes.

patties for black bean burger recipe

5. You can use grills to cook the black bean patties. However, I usually cook patties in a cast-iron skillet.

6. Preheat the iron skillet and brush it with oil to avoid sticking of patties with a skillet. Cook the black burger patties in the skillet. It will take four to five minutes to cook each side of the black bean patties.

7. Flip the patties on time to avoid burning. You will get perfectly brown and crunchy black bean patties for the black bean burger recipe.


To cook patties on grills, preheat the grills to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Use olive oil to brush the patties and give eight minutes to one side and four minutes to cook the second side.

Assembling the black bean burger:

Take the brioche buns and toast them to give them softer touch. 

  • Add the layer of sauce on the flat surface of the buns. Then put lettuce leaves, black bean patties (one for each burger), tomato slices, and onion rings.

  • Put the second half of the bun on the topping to get a yummy and delectable black bean burger at home.

  • Surely after one go you will love my special black bean burger recipe.

Note: you can use tomato ketchup instead of burger sauce. It all depends on your taste and the availability of ingredients. 

black bean burger recipe in a plate

What to do if patties are breaking apart?

If black bean patties are breaking apart, then further mash the black beans to make them more cohesive. If the patties mixture is not suitable to make firm patties, mash the mixture more.

What to do If patties are sticking to grills?

If you are using grills to cook the patties, then these may stick to the grills. Keep cooking the bean patties over grills to further avoid their sticking. Before cooking the patties for the black bean burger recipe, add a layer of oil to them.

How to charr the black bean burgers?

To properly cook the patties for the black bean burger recipe, allow the skillet to get hot before putting the patties in it. This will give the best and most well-cooked patties. Do not keep the flame under the skillet high.

How to make a vegan black bean burger?

You can make a vegan black bean burger by using “flax egg” instead of egg. For this Take one tablespoon of flaxseeds and add these in two tablespoons of warm water. Allow the mixture for five minutes to take its form. If you are going to make vegan burgers, the patties will be more cohesive and do not break easily.

Is the black bean burger recipe healthy?

Black beans are rich in proteins and are of course healthy. These also contain fiber, minerals, and vitamins. A black bean burger has less cholesterol and fat content than a ground beef burger. In this way, these are more healthy than a traditional beef burger.

What things go in the black bean burger recipe?

To make the black bean burger, you need to add beans, onion, salt, pepper, and garlic. But if you want more flavor add cumin, paprika, chili pepper, and feta cheese. This will result in best ever black bean burger.

How to prevent the breaking of black bean burger patties?

If black bean burger patties are breaking during cooking, add any starchy ingredients to the cooking. Then mix all the components well to get the perfect patties.

Does black bean burger cause gas?

After having a black bean burger, some people get gastrointestinal symptoms.  These symptoms include gas, bloating, and stomach cramp due to eating lentils, beans, and peas. The gas is formed due to the presence of indigestible fibers in the pulses.

How to avoid black bean burgers from becoming mushy?

If you take moist black beans, that may cause black bean patties to become mushy. To avoid this, first, dry the black beans in the oven and then grind them to get a meat-like texture.

What is the flavor of black beans in the black bean burger recipe?

Black beans have a slightly sweet and earthy flavor and you can add up this flavor by using spices. When you add onions, garlic, and other spices like bay leaf and cumin, etc, the patties become more delectable. You can also use the black beans in many other dishes.

Can black bean burgers be baked?

Yes, you can bake the black bean burgers instead of cooking them in a skillet.  For this, the oven should be preheated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease the baking sheet with oil and keep the patties on it for baking. It will take about ten minutes to bake each side of the patties perfectly.

How to store black bean burgers?

If you have leftover black bean burger patties, you can store these. Use an airtight container to keep the patties in the refrigerator. You can use the stored black bean burger after three to four days.

Can black bean burgers be frozen?

Of course, you can freeze the black bean burgers for two months. The taste and texture of the burgers will not spoil if take precautions. First, use the baking sheet to cover and then freeze the patties in the freezer overnight. Then transfer the black bean burger patties to a zip-top freezer bag. The patties will remain out of moisture contact and safe.

Is drying out the beans necessary?

It depends on your choice but it is better to first dry the beans in the oven. It will prevent the patties from becoming too mushy. Do not need to be concerned about the dryness of patties as we use eggs. To add more moisture you can also use barbecue sauce or ketchup in the black bean burger recipe.

What other things you can serve with a black bean burger?

If you want to enjoy a full meal there are some awesome serving suggestions with a black bean burger.

To add more flavor to your black bean burger, you can take chipotle sauce, tomato sauce, pickled red onions or dill pickles, etc. You can choose any of the above according to taste.