Brioche Bun Recipe at Home:

Brioche bun recipe is very simple and easy to make at home. Some people do not want to purchase brioche bun from the market due to concerns of cleanliness or some other reasons. Whatever the case is, you can make a brioche bun at home using a few ingredients. These are light and soft and have little sweetness in them. You can eat brioche buns with tea, jam, and many other side dishes.

brioche bun recipe

I use to make brioche buns at home and truly it takes very little time. You can also make a hamburger by using a brioche bun. Just four ingredients eggs, butter, a pinch of sugar, and milk are required to make a delicious brioche bun. You can use these buns in toasted form or in their general form.

Yeast is a necessary ingredient to make a brioche bun. But if you do not know how to work with yeast then I will explain the recipe in very simple and easy steps. You will surely become a master in the brioche bun recipe. 

This is the quickest method to make special and delicious brioche buns. You can make any type of burger like turkey burger recipe or veggie burger. You can also prepare special types of breakfast sandwiches using a brioche burger. 

You must try to make these brioche burgers as you cannot get fresh burgers from the market. Nothing is better than fresh, warm, and soft brioche burgers baked at home.

Brioche bun to make at home:

Ingredients for brioche bun recipe:

  • One cup of warm water having a temperature of 105 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit
  • One by four cups of warm milk having a temperature of 105 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Granulated sugar two tablespoons
  • Instant yeast one tablespoon
  • Salt half teaspoon
  • One egg
  • Al-purpose flour two cups
  • One and a half cups whole wheat flour
  • Unsalted butter two tablespoons (at room temperature)

Ingredients for egg wash:

  • One egg
  • Milk one tablespoon

How to make a brioche bun quickly?

Here is the quick and simple method to prepare the dough for the brioche buns and bake them.

1.  Take a baking tray and line it with a silicone baking mat or parchment paper.

2.  Take the milk, warm water, sugar, and yeast in the amounts mentioned in the ingredients and combine them. Stir them gently to get a soft texture dough. Allow them to set for 5 to 6 minutes.

3.  Then you add egg and salt to the bowl and you can mix them with a hand whisk. It is recommended to use a paddle attachment to mix all the ingredients slowly and well.

4.  Then the time comes to add whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour to the mixture. Combine all the ingredients well and then add the pieces of butter. 

5.  Then transfer the mixture to the dough hook If available. However, you can use your hands to gently knead the dough to make it soft. It will take about 7 to 8 minutes to get the perfect texture of the dough.

6. Put the dough on the surface where you have already spread the flour to work with the dough. 

7.  Form eight pieces from the dough to make soft round balls from these pieces. 

8.  Then you have to follow the final step which is placing the balls on the baking tray that you have already prepared.

9.  Then take a clean kitchen towel and cover the dough balls for bout 12 to 15 minutes.  During this time preheat the oven to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

10.  For preparing egg wash and shining the surface of the brioche buns, take an egg and one tablespoon of milk in a bowl to mix them. Stir them using a whisk or a fork. 

11. Take off the towel from the dough balls and brush the upper surface of the brioche buns with egg wash.

12.  Put the baking tray having the brioche buns for about 14-15 minutes.  You will see the delicious and soft brioche buns having a golden top surface.

Nutritional contents of brioche bun:

Total calories: 441 kcal

Protein: 12g


Saturated fat: 9g

Monosaturated fat: 4g

Polyunsaturated fat: 1g

Trans fat: 1g

Cholesterol: 116 mg

Potassium: 184 mg

Calcium: 65mg

Iron: 4mg

Vitamin C: 1 mg

Sugar: 8g

Fiber: 3g

Vitamin A: 523IU


Special tips to get bakery-like brioche buns:

Proofing the yeast for the brioche bun recipe:

It is necessary to proof the yeast that you are using before baking them. In this process, you have to combine the yeast with sugar and warm liquid. After this let the mixture rest for five minutes. In this way, you will know that either the yeast is active or alive. 

If your taken yeast is active then they will form a bubbly foam on the liquid surface. Active yeast is required to rise the dough. Make sure the gentle stirring during mixing the instant yeast with warm water to get the brioche buns to rise.  Do not use too cold water as the yeast will not be activated in that case. Using too warm water will result in killing the yeast.

Choosing the type of flour and butter for the brioche bun:

It is best to use white whole wheat flour as it is a mild and light variety of whole wheat.  But you can also combine the white whole wheat flour with all-purpose flour.  If you want to get a light texture of brioche buns, then you can take just all-purpose flour. But to add the energy of whole grains it is best to also use whole wheat flour with all-purpose flour. 

flour for brioche bun recipe

You should also choose unsalted butter for the brioche buns recipe.  In this way, you can add salt to the dough for a brioche bun recipe according to your taste. Adding butter to the brioche buns dough will make it flavorful and rich. It will also give texture to brioche buns.

butter for brioche bun

Properly kneading the dough:

It is important to properly knead the dough for making the perfect brioche bun recipe. You can use a hand mixer to get the perfect soft and sticky consistency of the dough. 

If you want to check if the dough is properly kneaded or not then do the simple trick. Press the dough using your finger.  If it sticks a bit to your finger and then springs back and releases. Then it means the texture of the dough is perfect. 

dough for brioche bun recipe

However, if the dough sticks with your finger and a hole is made in the dough, then it needs further kneading.

Shaping the brioche bun:

The uniqueness of this recipe is that you do not have to wait for the dough to rise. After kneading the dough just make balls from the dough and then allow them to rise. This is a perfect recipe for brioche buns.

shaping the brioche bun

Place the dough balls carefully on the baking tray. Make sure that the balls for the brioche bun do not stick together and that there is some gap between them. 

Baking tips for brioche bun:

  • Do not add extra flour to the dough as in that case, brioche buns will be tough. The dough should be soft and a bit sticky but not too much. 

  • If you do layering of your hands and working surface with flour then handling the dough will be easy.

  • Do not put the dough balls in the oven for extra time, as it will burn the brioche bun.

  • After removing the brioche buns from the oven you can brush them with fresh melted butter. After that brioche buns will become extra delicious and shiny.

  • Before serving you can toast the brioche buns to get some crispy texture.

Why brioche buns are different from other buns?

As brioche buns contain lots of butter in them so they are more delicious than basic yeast buns. The brioche bun becomes very fluffy due to the presence of butter in it. As the bites of brioche bun go in your mouth, you will feel the melting of butter in your mouth.

How to serve brioche bun?

Anything that you make from brioche buns will be very tasty and delicious. It is due to the fluffy and buttery nature of the brioche bun. You can enjoy the brioche buns in the following ways.

Burgers from brioche bun:

You can make any type of burger from your favorite brioche buns. You can make homemade beef burger patties from a tasty brioche bun.

Sandwiches from brioche bun:

The brioche bun becomes mouthwatering if you make a grilled cheese sandwich, classic BLT sandwich, or slow cooker beef brisket sandwich from them.

Breakfast from brioche bun:

Brioche bun can be served for breakfast with strawberry or mango jam as a delicious and light option.  It is also suitable to make brioche French toast from these buns.

Dessert and brioche bun:

You can also make small pieces from the bun and use them in different delectable desserts. Bread pudding with vanilla rum sauce is a very famous dessert you can make from a brioche bun.

Why prefer a brioche bun over a regular bun?

The Brioche buns are a special type of buns made in the French style. The specially prepared enriched dough is used to make a brioche bun. You have to spend more to bake a brioche bun than a regular bun. The reason behind this is that in addition to using flour and yeast mixture, you need more ingredients for the brioche bun.

These extra ingredients are milk, eggs, and butter that add extra deliciousness to the brioche bun. However, the method to make a brioche bun is the same as that of a regular bun. The fluffy texture of the brioche bun is responsible for its addicting nature.

In taste, brioche buns are more sweet and rich in flavor than normal buns. To get a classic hamburger bun you can add poppy seeds or sesame seeds as a topping on a brioche bun. This will make the brioche bun so special and tastier.

Although nowadays brioche buns are very famous and available in many grocery stores. But baking the brioche buns at home is great fun and cool. That special brioche bun will carry the label “homemade brioche bun”.

How to store the brioche buns?

If you want to consume homemade brioche buns after some days, you can store them. For this, your kitchen countertop or a bread box can work best to store brioche buns at room temperature.

Do not store the warm brioche bun and make sure that they are cooled enough. If you pack the brioche bun in a bread box when they are warm, then your brioche bun will become soggy.

You can also take an airtight container or a plastic bag to store brioche buns at room temperature for 5 days. To maintain the freshness of the brioche bun you have to remove the air from a plastic bag or container.

Is it right to freeze the brioche bun?

To store brioche buns,  freezing may be a good option if you want to store the freshness of these buns. But it is not suggested to store brioche buns in the refrigerator or freezer for too long. The freezing temperature may change the taste of brioche buns and make them stale faster. 

How to freeze brioche buns?

If you have decided to store brioche buns for more than a week then freezing is the best option. The bust question is how to freeze brioche buns? If you are concerned about a change of flavor in the brioche bun then no need to be worried. If you properly pack the brioche buns then their quality will not be affected. 

You should follow these steps to properly freeze the brioche bun.

  • Before wrapping the brioche buns make sure that these are cool up to room temperature.

  • Use parchment paper or plastic wrap to cover your brioche bun tightly. If you want to eat the brioche buns one by one and not collectively then pack them separately. Otherwise, moisture will enter into brioche buns and they will become stale. 

  • You can also take the airtight container to keep packed brioche buns in the freezer. But make sure to not keep the brioche buns container in front of the door. This will cause variations in the surrounding temperature of the container and may alter the taste of brioche buns.