Extra virgin olive oil is the purest form of olive oil but some people sell its fake type also.  If you use evoo oil but are confused about its purity, do not need to be worried. There are various varieties of evoo available in the market. Many brands also claim to produce pure extra virgin olive oil but how these brands can be proven authentic. In this post, we will explain all the qualities of pure olive oil. 

As purity is the surety of good health. We are aware of the importance of health for a person. Let's discuss it by providing authentic information. There are various uses of evoo in our daily life. 

pure extra virgin olive oil

Real evoo qualities:

Extra virgin olive oil is the purest form of olive oil. Its production is carried out by mechanically pressing the olives without using chemicals or heat. You can check the following features to make sure that you are purchasing real evoo.

Checking the label:

If the term “extra virgin” is present on the label as a first sign. Then look for the date of harvesting of oil which should be within the previous two years. This is the most simple way for checking the original evoo oil.

Color and flavor of evoo oil:

Real evoo has golden green color and keeps a slightly bitter and fruity taste. If your purchased oil has no color and no taste, it means it is refined and a mixture of oils.

Checking origin:

The next step to check the originality of evoo oil is its origin. Usually, Italy, Spain, California, and Greece are reputable producers of this oil. These regions produce high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Purchasing from a trusted source:

Always buy extra virgin olive oil from a store that is famous and reputable for olive oil. They will give you exact information about the production and quality of the oil.

How to recognize fake evoo oil:

It is difficult to detect fake evoo oil but there exist some signs that you can search for the original oil.

Light or pure olive oil:

Olive oil on which “light” or “pure” is labeled indicates that it is processed heavily and not pure olive oil. The oil can have additives or some other oils present in it and has lower quality.

Label of “made in”:

Check the “made in” label on the oil to see where the oil was originally made. If the origin of oil is outside of Europe, then maybe that is fake and some other oil is mixed in it. 

Price of olive oil:

If the olive oil has a lower price as of the market price, it also indicates that the oil is fake. It means some other oil is mixed in the olive oil.

Less information:

If the bottle of oil does not contain any information about the specificity of the oil or the origin of the oil, then it may also be fake. There are great chances that oil is not real evoo.

Sedimentation in oil:

If any sediments appear in the oil, that is a sign of impurities in the oil. You should also not purchase that oil.

Aroma and taste of oil:

Real evoo has a particular aroma and taste that can be easily recognized. If there is no flavor in the oil or it looks rancid that is also a sign of fake olive oil.

Famous brands of extra virgin olive oil

Some famous brands of extra virgin olive oil:

There are present different brands of extra virgin olive oil (evoo) in the market. Extra virgin olive oil is widely used in salad dressings and cooking. Some famous brands are as follows;

California Olive Ranch





Kirkland Signature

O-Live & Co.

La Tourangelle



Commonly all the brands of evoo oil are equal however some brands may have better quality and be more original in comparison to others. When you are going to select evoo you should see about olives used to make the oil. The country where the oil is produced and the manufacturing date are also necessary. 

You should choose such brands that are certified by large organizations like the North American Olive Oli Association (NAOOA). International Olive Council (IOC) is also a such organization that gives certifications to oil brands.

Italian evoo:

Italy is famous for the production of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world. Italy produces Tuscan olive oil which is extensively used. It has low acidic nature and fruity flavor. Other common olive oils belong to Lazio, Umbria, and Liguria.

Greek evoo oil:

Greece is also known to produce olive oil for thousands of years. It produces high-quality extra virgin olive oil. The best type of olive oil is made at Crete island having a fruity and mild flavor.

Spanish extra virgin olive oil:

Sapin is also famous for the production of a wide variety of evoo. Andalusia and Catalonia are the popular regions in Spain where the best quality olive oil is produced. Andalusia extra virgin olive oil has low acidity and fruity flavor. While Catalonia olive oil has a bitter and strong flavor.

Californian evoo:

California also produces high-quality evoo in large quantities. In the Napa Valley region, climatic conditions are suitable for the purest form of healthy olive oil production. This oil has also low acidity and fruity flavor.

Tunisian extra virgin olive oil:


Sfax and Sidi Bouzid are popular regions of Tunisia where rich flavored olive oil is produced. 

There may be some variations in flavor and quality of evoo depending on the region. The method of production of extra virgin olive oil and the forms of olives used also affect the quality of evoo.

 Why extra virgin olive oil? uses of evoo

You are reading this post, which means you want to know why to use evoo oil more than other oils? After reading our post surely will be fully informed about the amazing benefits of extra virgin olive oil. I think you have seen this oil in any supermarket or have heard its name on some restaurant menu and now have a curiosity that what is this? Extra virgin olive oil is used in cooking, baking, and as a condiment, because it has a unique flavor, versatile nature, and health benefits.

The flavor of olive oil:

Extra virgin olive is popular and used extensively due to its fruity and rich flavor. If it is added to any dish, the taste becomes double. In Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, evoo is used in grilled vegetables, pasta dishes, salad dressings, and sauces.

Health benefits of evoo:

Monosaturated fats, anti-inflammatory compounds, and antioxidants are present in olive oil. These are best for reducing the danger of heart disease and lowering blood pressure. Overall olive oil is beneficial for human health.

Versatile nature:

Extra virgin olive oil can be employed in baking, frying, and roasting processes. Due to its high smoke point, it is best to use in high-heat cooking methods. Evoo oil has a unique flavor due to which it is the best choice for finishing dishes. 

Where to use extra virgin olive oil (evoo):

These are the common and widely consumed dishes in which evoo is used to enhance their taste and aroma.

Extra virgin olive oil in salad dressings:

to prepare a salad dressing, extra olive oil is considered a popular ingredient. It has a fruity flavor and rich and healthy monosaturated fat content. When you want to add extra virgin olive oil to salad dressings, use acidic ingredients like lemon juice or vinegar for balancing taste.  You can try this simple recipe to make vinaigrette salad dressing.

extra virgin olive oil evoo in salad dressing


  • Three tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • One teaspoon of red vinegar
  • Salt and pepper

Directions to use evoo in salad dressings:

1. Take a small bowl and add mustard, salt, pepper, and vinegar to it. Whisk all the ingredients well.

2. Then slowly add extra virgin olive oil to the mixture. Stir them well to emulsify them and get a slightly thick texture.

3. Then pour the prepared dressing over the salad and toss it in a large bowl to get the perfect coating.

4. You can store the evoo dressing in the refrigerator for up to a week but try to use it fresh.


EVOO used in pasta dishes:

In pasta dishes, evoo is added to enhance its flavor and further richen the sauce. In preparing pasta olive oil is used and also acts as a base in the sauce.

For example, spaghetti carbonara is a classic pasta dish in which evoo is used. First, you have to cook pasta in boiling water and then the water is removed. Then grated parmesan, beaten eggs, and extra virgin olive oil are mixed with boiled pasta. After that, you can bake the dish to get the exact flavor and taste. 

To prepare a sauce for a pasta dish, olive oil is used to fry garlic and onion. You can take canned tomatoes or fresh tomato paste to mix it with an olive oil mixture. You have to add pepper, salt, and some other herbs and spices to enrich the taste and aroma of the sauce. 

In some other pasta dishes, olive oil can also be used to enhance the complexity and depth of their flavor.

Extra virgin olive oil in grilled vegetables:

In grilled vegetables, extra virgin olive oil is the best choice. It can withstand high heat and does not cause the production of harmful fumes. Most people use evoo for grilling purposes. You can use olive oil in different types of vegetables to increase their natural taste.

extra virgin olive oil in grilled vegetables

To do this you have to coat the sliced and grilled vegetables with olive oil using a brush. In this way, different vegetables will not stick together and there will be shining on them. Drizzling the evoo on the vegetables is also a common practice to add some extra moisture.

It is to worth noticing that although evoo is healthy it is still fat. Those who want to lose weight should be avoiding consuming too much olive oil. Using evoo in small amounts is not risky but avoid its too much quantity.

EVOO in bread dipping:

Extra virgin olive oil is also used as a staple in different types of Mediterranean foods. In Mediterranean cuisine dipping the bread in evoo is taken as a tradition. 

To do this take a small dish and pour the olive oil in it. You can serve this oil with bread as a compliment. To add flavor to the oil you can sprinkle salt, some light spices, or herb in the olive oil. If you want a simple and rich snack, then pair the bread with evoo to get health benefits and taste combined.

Extra virgin olive oil in stir-fry cooking:

In stir fry cooking, evoo can be added due to its low smoke point. It is not preferred over canola oil, grapeseed oil, and peanut oil as at low temperatures it breaks down to produce smoke.

extra virgin olive oil  in stir frying

To apply the method it is not suitable to directly use it in stir-frying. Rather than you can drizzle the oil over a finished stir-fried dish to take maximum advantage. If you want to use evoo in frying then mix it with other oil having high heat stability. 

To get the optimum benefits choose that cooking method in which oil does not break down and keeps the temperature normal.

Use of EVOO oil in roasted meat:

 If you want a healthy and classic combination then prefer to complement extra virgin olive oil with roasted meat. You can take roasted chicken, lamb, or beef to add evoo over the meat. 

First coat the meat with pepper, salt, some other spices, and herbs. Then roasted the coated meat pieces in the oven to cook them perfectly. Then sprinkle the olive oil over the roasted meat to enrich its aroma and taste. You can use vegetables, boiled potatoes r salad as a side dish. This will be a healthy and nutritious meal.

Olive oil to prepare hummus dish:

Do you know hummus and how to use it with olive oil? Hummus is a famous dish in the middle east prepared with chickpeas, lemon juice, a paste of sesame seeds, garlic, and salt. All the ingredients are blended to make a creamy texture.

If you add extra virgin olive oil to the hummus, it will have a more taste and complex flavor. Hummus is used in a variety of dishes as spreading and this oil makes its consistency more creamy.

EVOO in baked goods:

Items that require baking like cookies, pastries, bread, cakes, etc are called baked goods. To prepare these products commonly flour, butter, eggs, and sugar along with baking powder are used. If you want a variation in taste you can replace butter with olive oil. This will give a unique flavor to bakery items. 

extra virgin olive oil in baked goods

However, on the surface of the bread, you can also coat evoo with a brush. This process is done before baking to give a shiny look to bakery products and a nutty flavor. Similarly, evoo oil can also be used to coat pastries before baking.