You are surely aware of common dairy products that are used in every home. But in this article, there is a complete list of dairy products that are special. These dairy products have varieties in their taste and texture but are very yummy and healthy. How these dairy products are made and their special uses are also discussed in this post. Let's have a look at their names;

Powdered milk

Cream cheese

Ricotta cheese

Mascarpone cheese


Whey protein powder

Ghee (clarified butter)

Sour cream

Evaporated milk

Condensed milk


Skim milk powder

Chocolate milk

Cream of tartar (used in baking)

Cream cheese (dairy product):

Cream cheese is prepared by combining milk, cream, and an acid-like vinegar. It is very soft and can be spread over many dishes like toast, bagels, and crackers. Cream cheese is also added as a basic ingredient in different recipes like cheesecakes, dips, and different frostings. This dairy product has a delicious taste.

cream cheese that is dairy product

The flavor of cream cheese is slightly tangy and has a smooth texture. It is easily available at grocery stores all over the world. You can also easily make it at home.

Powdered milk (dairy product):

Powdered milk is also a dairy product that is prepared by dehydration of liquid milk.  Milk is evaporated to make it a dry substance and then converted into fine powder. The shelf life of powder milk is long as compared to liquid milk. It is used to make tea and also as a substitute for fresh milk in different recipes for convenience.

powdered milk dairy product

Powder milk is also used in baking and in such recipes where fresh milk is needed but not available. If you want to make liquid milk from powdered milk, just add water to it. This will have the same texture and flavor as that of fresh milk. 

In other different recipes, powdered milk is used with other dairy products like yogurt, cheese, and cream to get a rich complex flavor. 

Ricotta cheese:

When some types of cheese are prepared, then from the leftover whey ricotta cheese is made. If you want to prepare ricotta cheese then heat the whey up to 93 degree Celsius and then add lemon juice or vinegar to it.  The proteins in the whey coagulate and curds are formed from it. then use a cheesecloth to separate the curds from the whey. 

ricotta cheese dairy product

Ricotta cheese has a soft creamy texture and slightly sweet flavor. This dairy product is an important part of Italian cuisine where it is used excessively. Like in stuffed pasta and lasagna, it is the primary ingredient. You can also consume it to fulfill your protein and calcium needs.

Mascarpone cheese (dairy product):

It is a type of Italian cheese made by using whole cream and acid-like vinegar. Mascarpone cheese (dairy product) is added to make sweet and savory recipes due to its mild flavor. In pasta sauces, cheesecake, and tiramisu, this cheese is mostly added due to its creamy nature.

The smooth texture of the cheese is gained when we heat the cream and acid together. This results in the separation of whey and curd from which we take the curd. Then we have to press the curd to eliminate the extra liquid. It is easy to make this dairy product at home. 

mascarpone cheese a useful dairy product

This cheese has a high amount of fat and so calories. Those who are intolerant to lactose or have any allergy to dairy products should use this cheese moderately.

Kefir (dairy product):

The Caucasus mountains in eastern Europe are considered the origin of the kefir. This is made by the fermentation of milk. To prepare it kefir grains are added in the milk. In the kefir grains yeast, bacteria are present in the grains which cause milk fermentation. 

This drink has some tangy and carbonated flavor due to fermented lactose in the milk. Kefir (dairy product) has high contents of vitamins, probiotics, and minerals.

kefir a dairy beverage

Kefir is a dairy product that is good to improve digestive health, lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood, and also helping to boost immunity. It is an amazing source of calcium, proteins, and other nutrients. If you want to get energetic and refresh yourself, then kefir is the best drink to consume. 

If you want to make kefir then you can take goat’s milk, cow milk, or even non-dairy alternatives. To increase its flavor honey, fruits or some other sweetener can be added to it. You can also use kefir to prepare special dressings, dips, and smoothies.

Whey protein powder (dairy product):

Whey protein powder is full of nutrition. Usually, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and bodybuilders use these protein powders as a protein source. This helps them in the growth of muscles and recovery in case of any damage or injury. 

Whey protein is extracted from milk and it has all the essential amino acids that are needed by our body.  This dairy product has also a nice taste. 

whey protein powder a dairy product

Whey protein powder is available in different varieties like whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate etc. There is about 70 to 80% protein in whey protein concentrate and is commonly used. The highest content of protein is present in whey protein isolate which is bout 90%.

You can consume whey protein powder in the form of a smoothie and also in the form of a delicious shake. However I anyone does not want to take it like a shake then this powder can also be taken as a meal replacement, snack, or as supplement. However, this powder should only be used in combination with a balanced diet. Regular exercise is also necessary if anyone is taking whey protein powder.

Sour cream (sour dairy product):

This dairy product is brought to its final form when normal cream is fermented by using lactic acid bacteria. After fermentation, the cream becomes more thick and gets a light sour taste. It is used for topping purposes and also as a condiment in different types of dishes. 

sour cream a sour dairy product

To prepare certain sauces, dips, and baking products, sour cream is also applicable. It not only contains calcium and proteins but is also rich in vitamin D and vitamin A. If a person does not like sour cream due to its fatty nature, he can choose its low-fat or non-fat variety. 

Evaporated Milk (dairy product):

To make evaporated milk, the fresh milk is evaporated to remove its water content up to 60%. You can simply prepare the evaporated milk by heating it to remove its water content. The milk gets cream-like consistency and its flavor is enhanced. It is the best dairy product that can be used in different recipes as a substitute for dairy products. You can also add condensed milk in desserts like pumpkin or kheer.

evaporated milk in a bowl a sweet dairy product

If you want to again get fresh milk consistency, simply add water in it and mix well. The shelf life of evaporated milk is higher than normal milk. You can also store this milk at room temperature, unlike fresh milk which deteriorates. However, when it is opened, you should keep it in the refrigerator to use for some days.

Condensed milk:

Condensed milk is more thick and sweet than evaporated milk. To get condensed milk, fresh milk is boiled to remove the maximum amount of water. Sugar is also added to the whole milk for the preparation of condensed milk. It has caramelized consistency. It is used in cheesecake, caramel, other desserts, and in baking also. It is my favorite dairy product as I use it to make kulfi.

condensed milk a dairy product

If tea or coffee you can also add it as an alternative to fresh milk. Nestle sweetened condensed milk is a very popular brand of condensed milk that you can try. However, you should keep in mind that condensed milk contains a high amount of sugar and calories. Diabetes or heart patients and those who want weight loss should avoid this dairy product.

Half-and-Half (dairy product):

The half-and-half term can be applied to two different dairy products;

When we talk about cooking and baking then half and half means a mixture of light cream and whole milk in equal parts. In such baking recipes where the light dairy product is required, this product is preferred. 

However casually, half and half means preparing coffee drinks from equal portions of steamed milk and coffee. In comparison to regular coffee half and half are more creamy and rich in flavor.  The precise meaning of half and half may also vary from region to region.

Skim milk powder:

Skim milk powder is a low-fat and light dairy product. If you remove the fat from the milk and then evaporate the leftover liquid, the resulting dry powder is called skim milk powder.  After this process shelf life of milk increases to a great extent and it is easy to store and transport.

This powder is a good source of proteins and calcium and other necessary nutrients. This milk product has less content of fat. In soups, baked goods, and sauces this powder is added to make them nutrient-rich.

Skim milk powder is also famous as a nutritional supplement among bodybuilders and athletes. It is best for those who want milk flavor and nutrients without the intake of fats.  It is also low in cost as compared to fresh milk. Most consumers and food-preparing brands prefer this dairy product due to its cost-effective nature.

 Chocolate milk (dairy product):

Chocolate milk is sweet in taste and has a delicious flavor. It is prepared by mixing chocolate syrup or cocoa powder in milk. Many mothers prefer this beverage for their kids. People of all ages like this drink very much. This beverage is also my favorite as a summer drink when ice cubes are added to it. When someone gives a treat to their friends, they do not forget to add chocolate milk to the menu. 

If fresh milk is not available you can also make chocolate milk by using soy milk or almond milk. In chocolate milk sugar content is high but low sugar or sugar-free types are also present in the market.

Cream of tartar:

Potassium bitartrate is also referred to as a cream of tartar. It is added to baking products due to its stabilizing properties. It is in the form of fine white powder and also acts as a leavening agent. It is a by-product of wine production and you can get it to crystallize tartaric acid. 

cream of tartar a savory dairy product

It is acidic in nature and helps to activate baking soda in baked items.  When egg whites are whipped they get fluffy, but to maintain their texture cream of tartar is added. It is also a form of dairy product that is sour and has many medicinal uses. Do not consider the cream of tartar as tartar sauce which is a condiment. Cream of tartar is prepared by mixing pickles, mayonnaise, and other flavoring agents.


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