Are you going to start cake baking at home or have a plan to open a bakery shop? But you need to know which cake-baking equipment is required. Then no need to worry about it. Just take five minutes to read this article and you will be fully aware of the cake-baking equipment required for baking at home or at a commercial level. A complete package of utensils and raw materials which are used for cake baking is called in my dictionary baking equipment. 

cake baking equipments

I have summarized the essential materials for baking at three different levels, so don’t leave and continue reading.

Cake Baking Equipment Required For Beginners:

In this part, I will explain the necessary tools for baking and you must purchase them or arrange them if you have a plan to bake a cake. Truly speaking my first experience of baking a cake was so terrible. I could not forget that cake. No one had tasted my cake at home and I was dishearted. But now I consider myself an expert in baking cake. So you should also try without hesitation.

Mixing Bowls:

You have to arrange mixing bowls for mixing and blending different wet and dry ingredients for your cake. I suggest you use stainless steel bowls. There are various reasons behind it as it is lightweight and doesn’t absorb the smell of egg. Because the egg is an essential ingredient in the cake.


To have a perfectly baked cake, it is necessary to measure each ingredient in the right way. This is vital if you want a spongy cake. You can choose either a mechanical or digital scale. That’ depends on availability if you want to cake bake at your home. The price of kitchen scales is different and depends on the quality of the scales. for perfect cake baking, you must use proper scales.


A utensil that is used to mix different ingredients and gives the cake ingredients a smooth texture is called a whisk. It helps to mix air well into the mixture. This is only possible with a mechanical whisk or electric whisk. 

cake baking whisker

A whisk has a long wire or handle and wire loops connected at the end of this long handle. Usually, these wires are made of stainless steel. The hand whisk is not too costly but it will use enough energy. If you can purchase an electric whisk then you should have it. As it will help you to whisk the cream also. proper whisking should be done for accurate cake baking.


Hand Mixer:

A hand mixer is useful to beat cream, mix eggs and also mix butter and flour well. It will also save you time and energy. You can feel relaxed during cake baking by using a hand mixer. But it is a little bit costly if you purchase it once, it will help you very long.

Measuring Cups and Spoons:

Measuring cups and spoons are essential as the measured amounts of flour and butter or oil are vital to get the best result. If you are in good condition then you should buy measuring cups and spoons as they will be useful in other kitchen utensils also. If you plan to have a set then choose durable and high-quality. You can also use stainless cups but if there are some dents on the vessel then it may affect the measurement.

Sieve for flour:

Some cake bakers do not want sieves. But I suggest you buy one as it will filter out the impurities from flour. As some time the flour is not fresh and some flour crumbles are made. The sieve will also be usable in other kitchen tasks.

Rolling Pin:

If you are planning to bake a cake like a pastry and never want to utilize a rolling pin then it is not possible.  To make the pastry shape thin and even, the usually wooden rolling pin is used. But if you have no rolling pin, then you can utilize an empty glass or glass bottle to make the task. 

cake baking rolling pin

Now metal rolling pins are also available as they do not stick to the dough. But sprinkling some flour over the dough while using a rolling stone is common practice.


Spatula used for cake baking:

If you want to mix thoroughly the cake in the bowl and have fun also then assure to use a rubber spatula. The nooks and crannies of the bowl can also be rubbed by using a rubber spatula. This can also be used to smooth the icing on the cake.


cake baking spatula

Cake baking trays:

If you are using some stubborn baking trays then the excellent baked cakes may stick to the tray and it will fad your excitement. Prefer to use non-stick baking trays to get a perfect cake with the best color. It can be cooled quickly and is also easy to clean. There are various sizes and qualities of trays available in the market. You can purchase according to your requirement.

Cake Baking Equipment For Business:

If you are planning to start a bakery shop, then you should have the following equipment must.

Commercial mixer:

There is a variety of commercial mixers available. Different bakeries have large-sized mixer units. There are also portable mixers to mix in small batches. Icing or cream can also be mixed in such mixers.

Ovens for cake baking:

The oven is the heart of the commercial cake-baking process. There are varieties of ovens available based on their uses.

Convection Oven for cake baking:

It is a mill-type of commercial bakery instrument. It can be used to bake a range of products evenly and in the best way. It can be used to bake cookies, cakes, pastries, and even bread and brownies. These are not costly.

Deck oven for cake baking:

If you want to start baking in a different way you can choose a deck oven. It has a cooking desk made of stone and gives a special crispy touch to every product which is baked in it. They also maintain definite moisture inside. But this will occupy a large space in your shop.

Revolving Oven:

There are revolving trays in this oven and you can keep your products in these trays. This also gives good results and has a large capacity to keep the products for baking. But this is costly.

Cake dividers/ cutters:

For your commercial kitchen, you need cake dividers and cutters to have perfect and equal-sized slices. If will not do that, then maybe your customer quarrel with you for not having justice. That was just a joke. But equality is a very important part of any business. As either you have to cut the cake for a plate or to put it in your display case, it is necessary to have smooth and even cutting.

Proofing Equipment:

To make sure the proper fermentation of dough, it is necessary to keep it in proofing. This will maintain the temperature and control the humidity of yeast in the dough. A high temperature is necessary to increase yeast activity. This will enhance carbon dioxide production so you can get the best and evenly raised cake or bread. in the cake-baking process, proofing equipment plays a vital role.

Infrared Temperature Gun:

Measuring the exact temperature of the cake is a very important step to bake a perfect cake. Any rise or fall in temperature can destroy your cake and all your effort. Then you have no choice but to repent for not having a temperature gun. It is used to measure the temperature of baked products, melted chocolate, and also boiling sugar. Having a temperature gun, you have no need to worry about the rise or fall in temperature.

Cooling Rack for the cake:

Cooling rack is also very important for household and commercial cake baking. It allows your cake to cool down until it is ready to decorate or store. Varieties of cooling racks in different shapes like round and rectangular are available. You can cool round cakes or pastries and muffins on them. For making layered cakes, glazing, and additional wet topping you need a cooling rack. Otherwise, it can create a mess during wet topping.


cake baking on grills

Display cases for cake baking:

It depends on your plan which type of display case you want to put in your shop. But display cases are very important as they show your decoration skills to customers and attract the customers. A bakery without show case does not sound good. So take much interest to choose a display case to arrange your bakery items, especially delicious cakes.

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