Banana milkshake is a refreshing drink that you can have at any time of the year. But if you want a chilled banana milk shake then the best season is hot summer. Once you try it, you will love its flavor and creamy texture. Additionally, you can make it more creamy and flavorful by adding a variety of ingredients. It is best from a nutritional point of view and you can serve it to special guests also with some scoops of ice cream. similarly, a creamy mango milkshake can also be good for summer.

banana milkshake recipe

A Banana milkshake is enough in boosting your energy and you can add it to your breakfast. Once you try the flavor, you will become addicted to the banana milkshakes.

Banana milkshake specialty:

Banana milk shake is a drink with a sweet taste and creamy texture. It is prepared by adding ripe bananas, ice cream, milk, additional flavoring ingredients, and sweetener. The consistency and taste of banana shake vary across the world due to using a variety of components like protein powder, whipping cream, chocolate or milk powder, etc. 

I love the banana milkshake when my mom adds lots of nuts like crushed almonds, dates, pistachios, cashews, etc. It becomes full of nutrients. When you drink one serving of such banana milkshake for breakfast, it will keep you full until lunch. For those kids who do not like heavy breakfast, this drink is perfect for them. Kids and toddlers all like creamy and chocolate-added banana milkshake. 

Ingredients for creamy banana milkshake:

To make a delicious banana milkshake, you only need four ingredients.

Bananas: I prefer to use ripe and fresh bananas to make a tasty milkshake. However if fresh bananas are not at home you can use frozen bananas to make your favorite milkshake. If you use frozen bananas then use a high-power blender to get a smooth shake.

fresh bananas for banana milkshake

Vanilla ice cream: If you like vanilla taste then use vanilla ice cream in the banana shake. The vanilla flavor is best combination with a banana shake. It looks like these both flavors are made for themselves to give you the richest and most complex taste.

Milk: if you like a more creamy milkshake then prefer to use high-fat milk in the banana milkshake recipe. I always add whole milk to the shake.  

Nuts: nuts add more nutrition to banana shake and make you feel full. These also make the shake a more creamy nature.

Nutritional contents of banana milkshake:

Amount per serving:

Total calories: 462

Fat: 12g

Saturated fat: 1g

Carbohydrates: 89g

Protein: 8g

Calcium; 101 mg

Sugar: 51g

Fiber: 12g

Potassium: 1326 mg

Banana milkshake recipe at home:

1.  Take two ripe large-size bananas or 3 normal-size bananas. Peel them off and cut them into pieces. If you want to make it creamy then take 3 scoops of vanilla-flavored ice cream. Add 10-14 cashews in the blender to add more protein content to the banana milkshake recipe.

2.  If you are using cashews or almonds then soak them for 30 minutes before adding them in the blender. In this way, they will easily ground and mix in the banana shake.

3.  If you do not want to add ice cream then use honey or sugar in the milkshake according to your taste. Normally 3 tablespoons of sugar or honey are enough.  If you do not like honey taste then you can replace it with dates.

4.  To add more flavor, use half a teaspoon of cinnamon or one-fourth teaspoon of cardamom in the mixture.

5.  Although no additional flavor is needed if you want, add one teaspoon of vanilla extract to the shake.

6.  Now the time is to add fresh milk to the blender. For a more refreshing taste use chilled whole milk in the banana shake. Homemade almond milk can also be replaced if fresh dairy milk is not available at home. 

7.  Turn on the blender to mix all of them and get a smooth and creamy texture of banana shake. If you like a thick milkshake then mix and add more bananas while if you favor a thin consistency then add more milk.

8.  Take clean and glossing serving glasses and pour the fresh and delicious banana milkshake into them.

creamy banana milkshake

Toppings on banana milkshake:

1.  To make the banana milkshake more appealing and gorgeous you should add toppings. You can use vanilla ice cream or whipped cream for the topping of the shake. If kids or someone do not like ice cream then add chopped banana for garnishing purposes. To make the serving more attractive for kids make some round designs from chocolate syrup. 

2.  Additionally to increase the nutritional value of the banana milkshake recipe you can add nuts. These may be chopped almonds, cashews or coconut powder, etc. You can also add some colorful fruit chops to make the drink more striking.

Vegan banana milkshake | Banana milkshake using almonds:

Years ago people used to say that it is not good to combine fruits with milk and other dairy products. Similarly, some people are intolerant to lactose present in dairy milk and other dairy products. Some people have dairy allergies due to other reasons. They should not leave the delicious and nutrient-rich shakes like mango milkshakes or banana milkshakes. 

vegan banana milkshake

They can enjoy the vegan banana shake which has the same taste as a banana shake made from regular milk. 

Ingredients for non-dairy banana shake:

3 fresh banana

12-16 almonds

Sweetener (sugar/honey/dates)

8-10 cashews

Chocolate syrup (for topping)

One and a half cups water

How to make a vegan banana milkshake:

1.  Take the almonds and soak them in water or milk for 3 to 4 hours. 

2.  Peel off the skin of the almonds. If you have soaked them well then the skin will be removed easily.

3.  Add the peeled almonds and 3-4 cashews to the blender with one and a half cups of chilled water. You can also add coconut milk in place of water.

4.  To add a more sweet taste to the shake, I use 3 dates instead of sugar. Try to avoid sugar as it is not good for your health.

5.  As no ice cream has been added, you can use vanilla extract or cardamom powder for extra flavor. If you are making a banana milkshake in winter then prefer to add cinnamon powder. You will feel good with this flavor.

6.  Blend all the mixture well to get a fine texture of nuts and the mixture will get frothy and creamy.

7.  Finally add the pieces of bananas to the mixture and blend them further for a tasty and yummy vegan banana shake.

8.  Surely you will find it easy to try vegan banana shake recipes at home for your kids.

9.  The last step is nothing but to serve the banana milkshake with some extra toppings like banana pieces or chocolate syrup. If you like, add vanilla ice cream to compell your kids or guests to try and enjoy the fresh banana milkshake.

Healthy banana milkshake recipe for daily use:

However, adding cream to the banana milkshake makes it more delightful and yummy. It is suitable for treats or desserts. But for daily intake, too creamy banana milkshake is not good for health. Cream is high in fat and can lead to severe diseases if regularly consumed. It is recommended to use a banana milkshake without cream for good health.

healthy banana milkshake

Banana milkshake recipe for weight management:

If someone is health conscious and also wants to enjoy banana shake then he should try skimmed milk or low-fat milk in the banana shake. Because high-fat milk may lead to weight gain if combined with some cream. But such persons should be careful and consume milkshakes moderately.

Variations in the banana milkshake recipe:

If you add some variety to the banana milkshake it will be best practice. Creative people do not follow the masses and create their own tastes and flavors. You can choose one of the following options or can add some new more appealing ingredients.

Strawberry banana milkshake:

If you want to add flavor of strawberry with banana then add one cup of strawberry slices along with banana. In this way, your banana shake will be more colorful and complex in taste.

Chocolate banana milkshake:

Kids love chocolate and they can do anything for a piece of chocolate. They do the most difficult task (homework) just to get chocolate. You should not undermine the power of chocolate. So you can add chocolate syrup to the banana milkshake if you are making it, especially for kids.

Oreo banana milkshake:

If you like Oreos, then crush the 4-5 Oreo cookies and add them to the blender while making the shake. This will add some unique color and taste to the banana milkshake recipe.

Mango banana milkshake:

Some people like complex flavors. For them, you can mix the peeled mango pieces and banana chops in the shake. It will give a darker color than the banana shake and a nice flavor. But use sweet mangoes as sour mangoes cause bursting of milk.


Do not add ice cubes to the serving glasses as they will melt and make the banana milkshake water. Instead, use chilled milk or water to make the chilled milkshake.

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