Have you heard the word Evoo? Do you often see that on menus of many restaurants, the word Evoo is also mentioned but some people do not know about it? Do you don’t know what evoo means? If yes, then no problem. We will provide you all the interesting information about evoo. Evoo is no other but an acronym implied for extra virgin olive oil.  This is a special class of olive oil that is manufactured by applying strict rules and regulations.

evoo oil

Evoo Definition according to International Olive Council:

The international olive council says that “Evoo is the virgin olive oil which has less acidity and concentration of oleic acid is less than 0.8g per 100g and contains a high amount of antioxidants.”

Characteristics of evoo oil:

It is the purest of all types of olive oil and so that’s why very precious. It is mostly preferred by people for cooking. Extra virgin olive oil is a special type of olive oil that is made by pressing olives you may call it the juice of olive oil but it contains essentially most anti-oxidants and has lower smoke points and is unrefined. 

Evoo oil makes and keeps you healthy and its flavor is also very nice. There are strict methods and processes which are implied to produce the required quality of olive oil that is Evoo.

Conditions for evoo oil:

extra virgin olive oil

  • The concentration of free fatty acids must be limited to 0.8%.
  • The Peroxides level in Evoo should not cross 20 milliequivalents per kg of Evoo oil.
  • The product should not include any impurity of any other fruit or flavor, except pure oil taken from an olive.
  • There must not apply any solvents during the extraction of oil or no heat is provided during the production.

Process of Evoo Production:

The following simple steps have been applied to wash the Evoo fruit means olive fruit thoroughly, decantation, then centrifugate of pulp and oil mixture, and then filtration of pure oil. During these steps, the temperature must remain up to 27 degrees Celsius.

Tests after Production of evoo oil:

After the production of oil, it is passed through some taste tests to check that either there are any flaws or low-quality impurities added by chance during production. When the final oil product is passed through taste and other quality tests, it is sent for packing and labeled as Evoo oil. This label mentions that the product is of the finest quality and can be used without any hesitation to enjoy a healthy life.

The appearance of Evoo:

It has translucent grassy color and a nice flavor like pepper and can be drizzled over cooked items and dishes to make them more glossy and delicious and can also be used with bread. Some people prefer Evoo oil with bread instead of using butter.

Why is Evoo so expensive?

real evoo oil

You may think that although extracting evoo oil, is not a difficult task nor any special chemical treatment is applied during its production, then why it is so expensive?

The answer is that this small olive fruit is grown on trees that are not found everywhere. These trees grow in particular limited areas under specific Mediterranean-like climatic conditions. These trees take a long time to fully grow and bear fruit and mostly give poor yields. You may know that “rare is precious” so that’s the case with olive oil or Evoo oil.

After reading this post surely you have understood what Evoo means?

I think that’s enough for this post. We will further discuss some more secrets of Evoo in the next post. Till then Take care and wait for the next.